Out of the Box Arrangement For an Engagement in London

The engagement ceremony is always the traditional phase in marrying your soul-mate. But in the recent decade, people are looking for unconventional ways to get engaged. Some couples do not want to go by the conventional engagement method, so they choose some creative ways to propose to their partner. Even if you are sure that your partner will say “yes” to you, still the engagement is considered as the step to impress the bride-to-be. There are numerous creative and unique ways to impress your partner.


You can choose a unique theme for the arrangement of your engagement ceremony. Many people choose the theme idea, but the best part is choosing the unique and creative theme. Couples can sit together for the brainstorm session. You can think in a way where the hosts and the guests can enjoy the party. Once the theme is decided, you can arrange your place according to that. You should have attention to detail so that everyone at the party gets the vibe of the theme. When everything is set, your theme will wow all of your guests. 

At home

When you have decided to keep the engagement party at your home itself, you can rock it with the best planning. There are a number of ideas for conducting the engagement party at home. If you are a foodie and you think that your guests will enjoy the food, you can plan for a BBQ in your backyard. Backyard bonfire makes us grill our favorite dishes and share interesting stories. The movie night is also a good plan for your home engagement party. You can add the food preferences like a grill, BBQ stations in your backyard according to your likings. 


If you plan an engagement party as a surprise, it will be more fun. You have to intimate your family members and friends about the party beforehand so that they can prepare for the party. Intimate all the details including the venue and it will be easy for them to arrive early. Once they have arrived, keep them waiting in any nearby place. When the setup is ready and your partner has arrived, it is time for you to reveal the guests. You can even purchase the engagement ring London that matches the taste of your partner. The surprise can also include a trip to some lovely place that your partner will love. This helps to increase the bond between the couple. This trip will increase the bliss that she got from the surprise engagement party. 

Pairing menu

To celebrate the togetherness of your love, you can organize the brunch or any convenient meal as pairs. Hatton garden jewellers London is a place where you can get engagement rings that match your engagement theme. Just like the combo of you both, some foods are meant to eat with the other food like bacon and eggs, chips and salsa, and the list goes on. You can design the menu like these popular culinary duos. If you like coffee, then you can present a variety of espresso beverages.

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