8 Supply Chain Benefits Of A Hotel Furniture Manufacturer In The USA

We hear much more about the “goodness” of supply chain benefits of hotel furniture manufacturers in the USA. Every person wants manufacturing jobs in the USA, but hotel owners prefer overseas manufacturers. But, now, in the USA, the supply chain is changing in a good way. The pandemic has created chink in how goods and materials are moved worldwide. An order that takes weeks to deliver is not taking months. Also, it becomes expensive with time too. 

In short, supply chain management is becoming more critical than ever. And there is plenty to stay on top of. However, offshore manufacturing is only cheap on the surface. But, by remembering everything, there are multiple reasons to choose hotel furniture manufacturers from the USA. If you are considering USA manufacturers for ordering hospitality furniture, you are not helping US workers but contributing to enhancing the economy’s bottom line. 

In this blog, there are some fantastic supply chain benefits that hotel owners need to consider for their next dream project. 

Order Hotel Furniture to Boost Supply Chain of the US Economy

Purchasing a custom hospitality furniture supplier brings efficiency and reliability to the hotel supply chain strategy. Therefore, the benefits are:

1. Marketing Benefit

The slogan “made in the USA” continues to be a strong marketing message as customers want to preserve US jobs and enhance the local economy. While choosing custom hospitality furniture manufacturers from the USA for hotel furnishing, you can use this in your hotel marketing material because customers prefer to select a company whose parts are locally sourced rather than imported from the outside nation. 

2. Only Cheap on Surface

Initially, buyers may find overseas material and labor less expensive. But, after pandemic outbreaks and disruptions at crucial distribution hubs, including global freight rates, port congestion, and clogged supply chains, there are many hidden costs to delivering furniture. But it only happens with some international furniture, but longevity and durability are other aspects to consider. The cheaper price tags can translate to less material volume, and lower quality are also an aspect to consider. Lower price tags can convey less material used, meaning quicker replacements and breaks. 

3. Enhanced Product Quality

American manufacturing soil will allow quality checking at each production stage and oversee control so that you can’t evaluate products made thousands of miles away. Also, it gives you surety that you acquire the highest quality product. The hotel owners need custom hospitality manufacturers who fulfill customer needs. It enables:

  • Hotel owners – Enhance the brand image
  • General contractors – to reduce costs and surpass project completion goals
  • Visitors – enjoy a unique hospitality experience
  • You – achieving project vision.

4. Protect Intellectual Property

Purchasing offshore custom hospitality furniture suppliers comes with various risks. There is no surety that the international government will recognize international patents on products – which means your industry-leading plans could be at risk. Also, there is no protection against counterfeit products or manufacturers. Due to the location, it takes much work to resolve the situation. 

Domestic manufacturers will follow patent laws and safety regulations or risk legal action. Additionally, it is easy to avoid spreading counterfeit products when the supply chain is closer to home. 

5. Personal Meeting

Video technology makes the world smaller and makes it easier to connect with the world. It’s like you are talking in the same room. Suppose you are facing any difficulty while connecting with a USA manufacturer personally. Then, you can handle significant gaps like time zones, cultural missteps, and language barriers. Additionally, the manufacturer can be there in person to help with installation and other post-manufacturing requirements. 

6. Made in the USA

Buying products and manufacturing “at home” will help you to gain PR points. The USA has a long-term reputation for producing quality and reliability, which is expected to stand the test of time. People have deep routed feelings associated with American integrity and ingenuity. All these emotions are leveraged when you marketize products featured in the hotel. 

Also, purchasing American products helps support the national economy, including producing tax revenue and creating more job opportunities. Additionally, buying from the domestic nation is easier on the planet. Fuel consumption in transportation is reduced, and using locally sourced materials from reliable and trustworthy partners is highly sustainable. 

7. Shorter Lead Times and Lower Freight Cost

While ordering furniture pieces from a company that manufactures outside the USA, especially oversea, lead times may be months instead of weeks. Thus, USA furniture manufacturers do not have to worry about possible border and customs delays. Freight expenses are higher when furniture is shipped instead of over land, enhancing the overall cost. 

8. Changes and Accommodations Possible

Even if you are working with the best designers and manufacturers on your team, mistakes get made and need to be accounted for. Thus, working with domestic partners is easy to manage these mistakes, even relatively late in the process, without bearing extra expenses. 


While there is always a component of uncertainty with the supply chain, having hotel casegoods manufacturers located in the same nation will streamline the process. With hotel furniture manufacturers in the USA, hotel supply chain management is fewer headaches.

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