7 Amazing Places to Visit in Koror?

Have you been to the city of Koror? This city is the largest city in the small nation of Palau that has a population of 11 000. The city is housed with tons of amazing places to visit and have countless memories.

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Belau National Museum

The Belau National Museum of Palau is one of the oldest museums in Micronesia that offers both an open-air and indoor exhibition. Visit this enlightening Museum which lets you know the story about the past of Palau and Micronesia along with a lot of historical artifacts.

The Etpison Museum

The Etpison museum is a small museum which is located only a small walk from Koror center. This pretty museum displays the history of Palau and will let you know about the story on foreign influence in the region. This museum shows the old-style stone money, and the famous 1st childbirth ceremony in Micronesia, wood carvings, traditional canoes, and fish traps.

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The Rock Island 

The Rock Island in Palau is one of the most attractive natural sites in the world. You will find tons of activities located here in Palau. This site is away from some of the most pristine waters in the world. Enjoy your one whole day in this kind of lake which allows you to go for a swim with millions of harmless jellyfish and relax on a paradise beach.

Rental car to explore the city 

This city is the perfect place to discover various gorgeous locations in Palau. You will find a few car rentals dotted around Koror and Malakal to rent everything from small sedans to Ford Mustang Cabriolets. Rent a car to drive around the whole country in less than 4 hours and to capture amazing views. 

The Palau Prisoner Shop

This shopping center is located just behind the main street in Koror. You will find a shop that permits good-behavior inmates at the Koror Jail. This place 

also allows carving out traditional wooden storyboards. 

The Palau International Coral Reef Center.

The small aquarium in the center of Koror is dedicated more to education about marine life in Palau for both the locals and tourists. Visit this aquarium that has an open-air habitat exhibition and includes a single room of diverse aquariums showcasing the local aquatic life.

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The Night Market

The night market is available twice a month on every other Friday. Visit this local night market in Koror which is located along the main street and is filled with food stalls. There are tons of local artists who come from all over the country to sell their local handcraft and art. The locals normally put on a dance show also where you can enjoy.

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