6 Most Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing Sydney

Social media is hot. We don’t probably have to say that to you anymore! Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are now indispensable and their influence is even seen as a kind of revolution within online marketing. Read on to find out what the benefits of social media are!

Social media for companies

Social media creates interaction between customers and companies. This is especially what social media is all about for companies: getting in touch with (potential) customers. To maintain online communication with your customers, it is best to join in with ‘the rest’. If you don’t have social media channels as a company these days, you will catch the eye of potential customers less than your competitors who do. In addition, social media offers a lot of opportunities for your company, product or service. We’ve compiled 6 social media perks for you!

1. Brand awareness

The goal of brand awareness is the extent to which customers can recognize or remember a brand. By actively interacting with (potential) customers via social media, companies can draw attention to themselves and their brand in a distinctive way and thereby stimulate additional sales.

2. Huge reach and fast contact with customers

Online reach ranks highest on social media. At the moment, more than 9 million Australian people have an Instagram account and Facebook even has 11.3 million Australian users! The chance that your target group is on social media is therefore huge. Interaction with customers has increased enormously since the advent of social media. Connecting with customers has never been so fast!

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More satisfied customers with targeted social media marketing?

3. Relatively low cost

Creating and using social media accounts is free. It does take time to maintain the channels, of course, but there are no additional costs involved. The costs only start from the moment you choose to advertise via social media marketing Sydney, for example, but this depends on the choice you make.

4. Positive impact on SEO

Having an active presence on social media contributes positively to search engine optimization. If you regularly publish content that does well among social media users, Google will consider it relevant, making you easier to find in the search engines.

5. Identifying and resolving complaints

Social media can be used to identify and resolve complaints. You can respond quickly when a negative message emerges. If complaints are resolved effectively this way, it can lead to higher customer satisfaction (and possibly positive reviews and messages via social media). This prevents complaints from becoming widely known and people see how the complaints are dealt with

6. Mobile usage is increasing

As mentioned above, Instagram and Facebook have millions of users in Australia alone. In addition, the mobile phone is increasingly used for checking mail, using social media marketing Sydney and making online purchases. Social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are therefore fully optimized for mobile users. It is therefore important to respond to this and to keep up with the times!

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