5 Tips To Water Your Indoor Plants In Right Way

The rise of urban gardening has made the indoor plant a very common member of the house. From basic knowledge, we all know that plants have life in them, and water is one of the most essential ingredients.

Plants can’t express their discomfort but certainly, overwatering them will do more harm than good. Thus, you need to be careful about overwatering them or other small things. Here are a few tips which you should keep in mind when watering your indoor plant.

Picking the Right Kind of Pot

Picking the correct pot is very important for the plant’s growth. It should have a sound drainage system that will flow the water out of the soil. And when watering from a¬†watering can for houseplants, you can use a tray below the pot so that the area doesn’t get dirty. Choosing the right size, which is not very much bigger, not small according to the plant, is also important.

Different Water Needs for Other Plants 

Like humans, different plants have different water needs. These needs are mainly because of the nature of the plant. Having a rigid schedule of watering them may be disastrous.

Plants like ferns always need moist soil, so frequent watering can be good, but it is not the same for succulents. They tend to rot off roots, so you cannot water them until the topsoil is dry. Notice the nature of your plant, and then water them accordingly.

Watering the Soil

Many people who use a watering can for houseplants give water to the leaves only. Yes, you can wash your plant, but the mechanism through which plants take water is through the soil. And too much water on leaves can also cause bacterial infections.

Timing of Water

When you water in the late evening or the morning, the water stays throughout the day. If you water late, then the evaporations will be more minor also in the way the plant will get more time to absorb the water.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that you should water the soil in an even manner. If you water on one particular side but not on the other, the plant will bend. This unevenness in the plant will not be good also.

Clearing Out Excess Water

We don’t like our environment to be too moist or wet for a long time. Similarly for the plants also. After watering the soil by pipe or watering can for houseplants, you need to wait until the excess water gets drained out of the below hole, and if there is excess water in the down tray, you should change it.


Watering a plant may sound easy, but when you are a little more careful about watering and other aspects, the probability of ruining the plant will be less. You need to check the weather also when watering your houseplant. As in the monsoon and winter, the need for water will be less due to the dormancy of plants and moist climate.

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