5 Main Tasks to Perform Before Starting an Influencer Marketing Campaign

“Consumers want to hear from people that they idolize and respect. They trust these recommendations more than advertising from brands.”- Jeff Bullas

Let’s say you are in search of a vacuum cleaner online.

There are many companies offering the cleaner- Dyson, Philip, Kent, Mi

Now, of course you will get confused which one to choose from. So, naturally, you will scroll down to the comments or reviews beneath the product or discuss with your friends & family who has opted for a similar item.

With the rise of social media marketing, the circle of people we trust also includes influencers or say online industry experts, celebrities, as well as athletes.

After getting the right and trustworthy advice, you will make your purchase decision.

This exact same thing happens for millions of purchases on a daily basis.

According to research done by Forbes, 81% of respondents agreed that they are engaged in the recommendations and posts of their family & friends online for their buying decisions. So for a marketer or brand, it has become essential to dive deep into the influencer marketing campaigns online and grab their share of attraction as well as goodwill.

Before moving towards the main tasks, as a brand, if you are a newbie or someone in search of successful influencer campaign tactics, then you must include these three things in your online marketing strategy.

What should a successful influencer marketing campaign consist of?

  • Your campaign must-have trending hashtags

Hashtags are the only way of searching something online in a quick and easy way. Let’s take an example of an accessory and footwear brand named Loeffler Randall. The brand is quite popular among the fashion influencers and also has pulled off a successful hashtag campaign. They have mentioned every pair of shoes worn by their customers or brand ambassadors under #LRambassador. The concept got hooked on to many users who posted the photos wearing and posting the shoes with the hashtag. Thus, they managed to build their brand and gain online goodwill along with brand recall.

As a brand, you can also come up with a similar concept and make a difference for yourself online.

  • Support a cause and make a motivational campaign

We humans are emotional.

As a brand, you can enhance this quality, and make a motivational post supporting a cause. Let’s take a recent example of Microsoft, they promoted women’s day by joining hands with National Geographic. It increased the engagement of the brand and also had a huge impact on the brand image. Often such efforts are appreciated by the potential customers online. Thus, strategize your campaign idea that roots towards an alarming social cause.

  • Reach out to a right influencer

For a successful online influential campaign, the most important aspect for a brand is to collaborate with the right creative mind. One has to reach out to an influencer who does justice to the online branding of the product and has a personality as well as the ideology that matches the brand’s need. Let’s take the example of Mercedes. The brand collaborated with a well-known influencer Kelly Lund and his dog Loki. They roped into a successful video content shot cleverly and was a huge plus for the brand. Thus, you will have to find a likable mind to create a history online for your business.

Now, without doing a further due let’s get into tasks that a brand should perform before starting the online branding campaign.

5 tasks to perform before starting the influencer marketing campaign

1.    Determine your goals, audience, and budget

It all starts with an idea to promote oneself online with a set goal. This idea follows with a vague budget in mind. But, the budget varies with the targeted audience. Which age group are you targeting matters the overall outlook of the campaign. A brand needs to be clear on all three grounds, these are dependent pillars of marketing online. Thus, cross-check your goals, potential audience, and the set budget before shortlisting the social media platform or influencers.

2.    Decide a social media platform

For instance, your target audience are the millennial (18 to 30 years)

You need to analyze their online activity. As a brand, analytics like:-

  • How much time do they spend on a particular platform?
  •  When is your targeted audience most active?
  •  What are they searching or looking for on a particular social media platform?

Once you obtain these answers, it will be easy to select a platform (Instagram, You Tube, Facebook). And, yes it also depends on your budget. There are two ways in which you can think and decide the platform.

(a)  Budget: I have X amount of money which is apt to market my brand on ABC platform.

(b)  Audience: My audience is most active on ABC platform so I will market my brand there.

Thus, this task will help you select and perform on the most suitable platform for your brand.

3.    Set a schedule for online campaign

Schedule your posts for publishing. Beforehand planning is essential. Make a calendar and curate posts for the month. Publish a post from time to time to be among the audience and maintain a brand recall status online. This will lead to loyal following and generate goodwill for the business. Make sure you have figured out your content for the online world.

4.    Find the right influencer

Influencers are the key to success. After planning your content, you need to find a creative mind who can portray it in the best way possible. To reach out to your targeted audience one has to collaborate with the influencer who is popular among that age group. Thus, an apt choice will give you timely results and popularity online.

5.    Review campaign content

After collaborating with an influencer, you need to review the content before it goes online. Your ideology will receive a creative touch which you need to analyze before it goes live in front of the desired audience. A brand needs to build a certain image in a potential customer’s mind which is only possible when they review a post before it is posted. Thus, this is a very crucial task to perform and eliminate the flaws if any.

ConclusionThese tasks will help in successful influencer marketing campaigns for your brand. The online world is all about experimenting with the right creative mind. Collaborate with an apt influencer and get your brand the online reputation and goodwill it is worthy of. Experience it for yourself and make a difference in your business.

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