5 Best Apps to Share Large Files Instantly

We have all heard and read about technology’s evolution, its journey from multiple room-sized computers to compact, pocket-sized mobiles. When technology started blooming, its sole purpose was to connect people and a step forward at making communication easier. However, this, too, was a tedious task back then. If we look at the scenario today, technology is not just a part of our lives. Our whole life, be it personal or professional, revolves around it. 

Today everything is available at a single click, be it food or a million-dollar brand deal. Life as we know it is getting more hectic day by day, and with this is increasing the craze of smartphones, iPhones, laptops, and top-notch gadgets to keep up with the pace of this busy life. Mobile devices are now more of a necessity than a luxury. 

Many mobile apps are launched every day, but choosing the right one to make our work more accessible is still a task. In the digital world, be it a college student or a businessman, we need to transfer data in various forms. Virtual education and business are the new normal, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual reality will be a new reality. 

Hence, we all need apps and gadgets that can help us communicate and transfer our files faster. However, there are many options available for sharing data, which consumes a small amount of storage. These files can be easily moved using apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, Bluetooth, etc. The struggle lies in sending large files that take a lot of time and consume most storage and data. 

Here are my top 5 recommendations to send large files quickly to help you overcome this problem, which will save your time, storage, and data all at once. You can access both the free and paid version of the apps


Many cloud storage apps offer you excellent storage and optimize your experience. Dropbox is available for users of both android and iOS. This app allows you to store documents and media files in all forms and access them at your preference from any part of the world. 

The best part about the DropBox app is that it is 100 percent reliable and secure and does not compromise your privacy. You can also create public folders for the files you wish to share with people. The app allows you to generate a link that users can easily communicate with others. Not only this, dropbox provides us with the feature of editing files, be it a PowerPoint or word file. 

You can easily access this file for free with a storage memory of upto 2GB or buy a paid version via CrunchyTricks at your convenience and enjoy the benefits of storage capacity upto 1TB or even more as per different plans the app offers.


Sharing will become the most straightforward task utilizing the benefits of this app. The Superbeam app is available in both the free version and paid version. However, this app works only for android devices and allows transferring an unlimited number of files to android users. Using its pro version, you can share data with more than one device simultaneously, a feature rarely available in other apps. 


This is a new launch but has turned heads with its easily accessible and convenient user features. This app gives you the facility of code scanning and unlimited data transfer at a high pace. Users can quickly transfer over 1GB of data, and the cherry on top is if you have a good wi-fi connection. 


This app has something different in store for all of us. Unlike the other apps, it does not make use of wi-fi or Bluetooth. Instead, it uses the NFC protocol of all devices involved in the transfer, ensuring a transfer rate that is 4-40 times faster than standard Bluetooth. With Xender, you can transfer all types of documents and files but make it a point to be close to the gadget you are moving the data to. 

All you need to do is create a group on this app, and you are good to go—a brilliant app that gives an ultimate user-friendly experience. The best part about the Xender application is you can quickly transfer data to 5 different devices simultaneously. Isn’t it incredible? 

Easy Join

The Easy Join app has the most convenient features. When it comes to cross-device file sharing, Easy Join is always the first choice of the user. It allows you to share large folders and files in all formats, but it also provides you the ultimate feature to read and reply to SMS and pick up calls from your PC. 

Easy Join has made it easier to share files even when not connected to any wireless network or external servers. Along with this, the app is 100 percent secure and follows end-to-end encryption. Unlike the other apps, Easy Join does not interrupt your sharing process with unwanted ads, which is always a win-win situation. You can also adore its auto-sync clipboard, i.e., you can easily share links between your phone and PC.

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