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Why Do People Spend So Much in Their Weddings?



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A wedding marks the most crucial event and decision in an individual’s life and we have so many plans that we want to materialize on that day.

From invitation cards to food, from decoration to dresses, we want everything to be near perfect. We spend all that we have been saving all our lives for this event since weddings in India are very elaborately planned.

Wedding invitation cards are printed, all the guests are invited, wedding planners are booked, catering services are hired, a lot of investment is made in dresses, gifts for all the relatives of both bride and groom are purchased and what not. More than a union of two souls, weddings are a matter of pride and prestige in India to such an extent that they will never hesitate taking up a loan for all the arrangements and spend their lives repaying it.

Such an attitude even encourages evil practices like dowry where the family of the bride is tortured to give huge a sum in the name of gifts to their beloved daughter and ironically it is more so in the educated masses. More educated is the groom, higher will be the dowry charged by his family for recovering the investment they have made in their child’s education.


Primary reason for spending so much on weddings is Showing off to the society. These big fat weddings are the outcome of the societal pressure and expectations. Beneath all the glitter and enjoyment is the endless effort that the families of bride and groom make to please the guests who are to attend the wedding.

It should be ensured that the individuals entering matrimonial relationship should be happy and content even if the wedding took place simply after all the world will not come to repay your debts.

It’s your wedding day, yes, it deserves to be special. However, don’t allow it to become a burden on the bigger picture. Couples fighting about money, working extra shifts to get things paid just to pay debt while not spending time together hurts relationships.

Spend only what your pocket allows you for pleasing people will never benefit you because it is society’s job to find faults in what you do.

No matter how lavishly planned was one’s wedding, if it is a failure, it never was worth it. Strengthen your relationships for they will help you live peacefully in this world and devote yourself to earning well if you ever have plans to do a big fat Indian wedding because it is not a wise decision to take loan to finance the huge sum spent on pleasing the society.


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