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Why Get Wires and Cables from the Best Exporters?

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Wires and cables are almost found at any place we visit, be it a residential complex or a commercial building. While wire is a single electrical conductor, cables are group of wires swathed in sheathing.

Today, let us gather some information about two of the most used products of our daily lives- wires and cables.

What are the types of wires and cables available?

Wires and cables is a large umbrella and some of the types of wires and cables falling under this are-

  • Round cables- This kind of cable is generally used for heavy duty applications. With 99% copper and special PVC layer, these cables ensure high conductivity and complete insulation.
  • Coaxial cables- This kind of cable is best known for data transmission. Great bandwidth, high quality pictures and videos are provided by this kind of cables.
  • LAN or CAT cables- For high performance of switch gears and networks, these cables are preferred. LAN or CAT cables can provide performance up to 250 MHz and can operate on 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX.
  • Telephone cables- The hi-tech telephone cables of these days offer less cross talks, low attenuation and are guarded with sheaths which work against fire.
  • Power and control cables- These are used for power supply; PVC and XLPE are generally used to manufacture this kind of cables.
  • House wires- These fire retardant wires are used for behind the wall wiring at almost any part of the house. The best house wires do not change shape and hence do not led to cracking of walls, floorings and roofs even in damped conditions.
  • CCTV cables- These cables are opted for surveillance purpose. With excellent video signal transmission power and assuring minimal amount of distortion, CCTV cables led to zero distortion.
  • Submersible cables- These cables can be used underwater due to the high resistance of these to moisture, abrasion, grease and oil.

What qualities should these possess?

With the availability of so many different kinds of wires and cables in the market, buyers are often confused about the quality and relevance of the wires and cables to his/ her specific requirement. Let us checkout the mandatory qualities which wires and cables should have.

  • Should be compliant to international quality standards. ISI is one of the bodies who look into the quality of wires and cables. Ensure that the wires and cables exporters provide you with ISImarked products, approved by FIA/ TAC.
  • Another way to be assured that you are getting the best wires and cables is by checking out customer testimonials. Read buyers’ feedback, whether they are getting trouble free performance and who they choose before buying wires and cables.
  • Check the components of the wires and cables; the best products are made from high grade electrolyte, almost 99% pure. Only high quality, annealed copper should be used to ensure cent percent electricity conductivity.
  • Ensure that the wires provide enough safety and are completely insulated. Flame retardant components like PVC should be used so that the wires do not catch fire.
  • It is also suggested to get quotes from few manufacturers before making a deal. This will help you get the best product at an economical rate.
  • Last but not the least; choose wires and cables which are customized to meet your specific needs. There are ample number of such products available in the market and hence you should choose only the one which suits your needs.

The top wires and cables exporters of India can cater to all your demands and provide you with the best quality products within tight deadlines.

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