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Why Choose Brass Earthing Accessories? All About Brass Earthing Accessories



Brass Earthing Accessories

Working with electronic equipment and electrical components has an inherent danger. In fact, this danger exists even in our homes. To safeguard against this, we ensure that a house has a proper earthing system. The same principle is also applied to electrical or electronic products to protect the user form electric shock. This is where brass earthing accessories come in.

What are earthing accessories?
Earthing accessories are part of an earthing system, which connects an electrical network with the earth’s conductive surface. A thick wire with low resistance is used to connect the electric device with the earth. This is the earthing system. An earthing system can have different components depending on the devise, from lightening rods to brass earthing accessories.

Earthing systems are an important security measure in any electronic system. The objective of the system is to provide an alternative path for dangerous currents that can result from a surge in power or voltage in an electrical system. The earthing system makes sure that this extra current flows into the earth’s electromagnetic plate. The extra current otherwise can cause dangerous electric shock for the user and damage to the devise.

Why Do You Need Earthing Accessories? 

Safety of human life:
The surge of voltage or current in a device will hit anyone who touches it, causing an electric shock. Most of us may have experienced some form mild electric shock at some point in our life. But at a dangerously high level, electric shock can even be fatal. Earthing systems ensure that this high current flows into the earth, protecting a user.

Safety of equipment:
The high current is not just dangerous for people. It can also blow of a fuse in the device or in the electrical system, damaging it entirely. Here again the earthing system takes out the extra current, routing it to the earth’s plate and protecting the device.

In large electrical systems there could be multiple transformers. This can cause a voltage destabilization. Earthing systems neutralize this by adding on the earth’s conductive surface.

Protection against power surge: Earthing systems are meant to protect even against unforeseen or unexpected power surges like lightning strike or contact with a high voltage source. The effect would be the same as any other heavy power surge and earthing provides an outlet for this power.


Why choose brass earthing accessories?
Brass is a common component for earthing systems. Its unique qualities make it easy to be adapted in an earthing system. It is an alloy of copper and zinc, it combines best of both the elements. Some of the qualities that make brass so suitable for earthing systems are:

As a substitutional alloy, brass has incredible flexibility. By slight alteration of composition, we can create different type of brass alloys with slight differences of properties. We can tweak it get the kind of composition we want.

It has a higher malleability that either of its constituent elements — bronze or zinc. Depending on the precise composition, brass can have a very low melting point. This allows us to cast brass in any kind of shape we want. Manufacturers use this to create a wide rage of earthing accessories that can fit almost any construction requirement, such as clamps, connectors and earth rods.


Shock resistance:
In earthing compositions shock resistance is critical since this is this is part of its basic functioning. Hence, shock resistant brass compositions are used in making earthing accessories. These are accessories that can withstand a high current exposure.

Corrosion resistant:
Brass has a very high ability to withstand corrosion and can survive in highly corrosive environments. In fact, it is also used in marine applications. This means that as an earthing accessory it can be used in a wide range of equipments and constructions,

Brass is a sturdy metal that is tough to break. This gives brass compositions a sturdiness and long life. This is a necessary requirement in earthing systems which are meant to last for long.


Choosing the right manufacturer
Finally, it is also important that we choose the right brass earthing accessories manufacturer.

For this you must check for the right experience. The manufacturer must have the expertise and experience in building earthing products. Given the high precision of such accessories, you should also look for manufacturers who specialise in precision components, especially if you need customisation.

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