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Why Brass Connectors are One of The Most Popular Components in Plumbing



Brass Connectors

There are varieties of fitting and connectors which come handy in various manufacturing process, whether it is a small machine or a complex bulky machine, they do need connector and fittings to join various parts or turn the direction and even join two irregular parts to make it as one.

There are varieties of connectors which are used, which are of various materials such as aluminium,iron,steel,plastic and brass? All have their if’s and buts however one of the best materials to use in any manufacturing process is brass and that’s the reason why brass connectors are so much in demand.

Following Are The Reason For Its Vast Demand And Availability

#1. Durable
Due to its durability brass connectors are one of the most famous metals to be used in industrial process. Other than manufacturing it is also used in plumbing as it is not prone to corrosion. Unlike other metals such as iron and steel it does not corrodes when in contact with water and acts as an asset for life. Since it’s a alloy of zinc and copper therefore is strong and does not disintegrates easily.

#2. Withstand High Temperatures
As mentioned above, brass connectors are best suitable in industries and plumbing as it can withstand varying range of temperature. They are great from transferring hot water hence is most appropriate for plumbing. Not only they withstand high temperature but also adapt very well to high pressure. They are resistant to fire therefore are most suitable for units which make use of molten metal and fire.

#3. Versatile
Brass can easily be moulded in any form therefore brass connectors are available in every shape and size. Brass fittings are very commonly used to alter the size of pipes which are or irregular width. Therefore are most suitable for plumbing and can be moulded according to needs and requirements which suit any specification. When we talk about versatility then brass is available as red brass and yellow brass therefore they can be combined to provide excellent shading and can be used as decorative items .Therefore they serve a dual purpose of strength as well as style.

#4. Malleability
When compared to other metal such as steel and iron brass has a better reputation as regards its malleability. Since is it’s a very flexible material therefore it has a n advantage over iron and steel and can be bent, moulded and fitting according to needs and requirements. This makes it one of the best material works with as regards fixtures and fitting are concerned in plumbing work and manufacturing work.

#5. Corrosive Resistant
One of the biggest advantages of using brass connectors is that unlike other metals such as steel and iron, brass does not corrode when in contact with water. Therefore it is the most appropriate material to be used in plumbing and those manufacturing process which makes use of water.

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