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What is Management Of a Company and Why it is Necessary?



The company irrespective of its size all requires managing the things going on inside as well as outside their company. So, lets us see what management is. Management takes place within an organization to make people and machine work in a certain order. At the very top of the structure of the company Is management under which everything falls, and leadership is the foundation of the structure.

The manager allocates the resources in the organization. The resources in the company are humans, financial, physical and informational. The human is the employees working for the company. The finance is to be used by the company for the bills and salary of the employees. The manager also must look for the upgrade of the company as well. The physical resources are the commercial building and the factory etc. the maintenance of the physical property is also important for the quality work.

The informational resources are the data of the product, organization and so on which plays an important role in the organization. The functions of the manager are to be planning of the financial resources in the way that will profit the company. The other duties of the manager are to organize, leading, controlling. To organize the employees of the company in a skill-based way to achieve company’s goal.

Leading the employees in the way to achieve the company goals. Motivating the employees to make progress of the company is also the good way to achieve goals. The controlling would to comparing budget and taking necessary action for the company. These all functions are co-dependent on each other.

To do these all four things effectively and efficiently will lead to managing achieve organizations goals. The four functions must be done by keeping in mind altogether. The planning, organizing, leading and controlling will surely help you achieve the goals of the company but will cost you if not done right. Some of the companies do not have management department to handle all these things.

Some companies don’t have management department strong enough to handle these things. So, the companies hire consultancies to manage their business. Jonathon karelse is an experienced organizer who has been working for years in the management department of the companies. Jonathon karelse is now working Northfind which is the company that handles company forecasting, data analysis, supply-chain management, demand, and planning.

In a summary, it can be said that the organization is a structure of the top is management. The base of the organization company is leadership. The structure has a top of management under which everything falls, and the base is the leadership. In the middle is the manager who manages resources of the company.

The manager is the one who manages the resources of the company like a human, financial, physical and informational. These all things will help the organization achieve its goal. The manager’s function is to plan, organize, leading and controlling. Once all these things are in an effective and efficient way then the company will surely achieve its goals.

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