What is LANDMARK & What They DO?


At Landmark, professionals with extensive knowledge and training in human psychology, design programs to have an impact in terms of efficiency and satisfaction in people’s life. Landmark also design special seminars in which individuals are given an opportunity to discuss their problems and thoughts about their lives. That said, Landmark has built an additional Landmark-forum separately in which anyone from the world can talk about their stuff and Landmark professionals will help and listen to you.

They reflect upon your queries as Landmark comprises of collective professionals which observe and research as well as share their direct experience and discoveries with the individual. The forum contains a certain amount of questions which evaluates your situation at present.

Landmark offers about 55 different courses including its exclusive course of Landmark-forum. Each program is completed in its own right. Its basic curriculum called the “Curriculum de vie” is 4-part curriculum designed in such a way that the individual enriches each one. The life Curriculum consists of 4 major programs:

  • The Landmark Forum
  • The Landmark Forum in Action Seminar
  • The Landmark Advanced Course
  • The Self Expression and Leadership Program of Landmark


Landmark offers you personality development courses too, in which we can polish our skills. Individuals are given a stage to showcase their skills and develop confidence and eradicate stage fear. One of the next stages is the Landmark-forum in which specialists from Landmark organization are always available to hear your queries.

Dr. Carol Colenda retired clinical phycologist is working for the society for past 25 years. She provides programs such as consulting and coaching for various companies, at educational institutions and non- profit organizations. She has a BA in Psychology from Smith College and a Ph.D. in Clinical Phycology from the University of Texas at Austin.

At Landmark forum, people from around the globe come on a platform where everyone shares their queries and people also shares their experiences too. Landmark contains professionals who have 25 years of experience in understanding human psychology. Nowadays younger ones are the one who is under stress than the adults. This is a great platform for such individuals. Landmark’s teams show us the positivity in life from which we understand and develop ourselves.

This is a great initiative carried out by people at Landmark which built one’s personality. Laurel Scheaf, Landmark Forum founder shares her experience at the forum. She’s a professional and has 25 years of experience in understanding human psychology. In her article posted at the forum called “WE are what we imagine” was top notch! That was such an influential article which changed many lives.

Manal Maurice, Landmark-Forum leader once said: “Pleasure disappoints, possibility never!” In which she explains that possibility always opens gates and create a new context. That’s true that if we didn’t create a possibility that took us beyond where we were, there would be no experience of a breakdown. From this, we can imagine the wealth of knowledge landmark professional has. We change our vision after consulting them they totally change us. Landmark should open schools and more training centers for people who can’t reach them on the forum.

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