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What is Dry Type Transformer? Are They Cost Less!




For many industrial clients and commercial organizations, Dry Type Transformers are more beneficial than the oil or liquid filled transformers. There is no such risk of fire involved in dry type transformers and can be easily accommodated inside a building or even at the top of the office building.

Industries can save a lot with low voltage connections by installing the transformer that has 415V switch gear. There is no necessity to house the transformer in enclosures or make any special provision for spillage when you have dry type model. All of these benefits and low maintenance requirement with high reliability help manufacturers to market their range of Dry Type Transformer models at large scale.

The users of dry type transformers know the extra initial costs and accept these as the price that they need to pay for greater convenience. Users never realize that dry type transformers are less energy efficient and can involve significant increases in the cost of running operation.

Architects may be aware of the advantages of installing Dry Type Transformers without having to live with the running/operation costs and the user would do better in recognizing and examining the available options properly.

Oil is more efficient than air when it comes to cooling medium. Dry type transformers rely on air for cooling process. They use larger cooling ducts and increased size means greater no-load loss, as the transformer becomes hotter during operation mode, winding resistance will be increased, which increases I²R losses too.


Transformer and Maintenance
Manufacturers recommend annual maintenance for a dry type transformer that includes inspection, infrared examination of bolted connections, vacuuming of grills and coils to sustain cooling operation and prevent buildup of combustible materials.

Grills and Coils Cleaning May Require the undesirable need of DE-energizing the transformer that leads to no cleaning. Skipping the cleaning decreases the efficiency of the transformer due to decreased airflow and this promotes a fire hazard. Oil testing and sampling method will help in analyzing the purity of transformer oil. You can call professionals to make assessment for transformer oil and this may cost extra. In dry type transformers, there is no use of oil, so you don’t need such maintenance.

You can even avail refurbished models of Dry Type Transformer from Manufacturers. There are companies and exporters supplying refurbished range of transformers to their global customers. These transformers cost less than brand new models.

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