Vein Diagnosis and Treatment in Chicago

Vein Diagnosis and Treatment in Chicago

The treatment of varicose vein removal Chicago usually begins with a diagnosis. For the vein specialist Chicago to diagnose the condition, he will carry out a physical examination which will include a look at the leg while you are standing for any signs of swelling. The doctor may also ask you to describe the ache or pain that you are feeling in the leg.

There is also a need for an ultrasound test that will help to determine if the valves of the veins are working properly or if there is evidence of blood clot. During the non-invasive test, the best vascular surgeons in Chicago will use a small hand-held divide which is the size of the bar soap against the skin over the area of your body that is being examined. This transducer will send the veins images in the legs to check so that a technician and a doctor can have a look at them.


The good news is that treatment will not necessarily mean admission in a hospital. Nowadays, there are some less invasive procedures that are used by vein specialist Chicago to treat on outpatient basis. You can find out from the doctor whether if the cost of treatment will be covered by the insurance. When this is done for reasons that are purely cosmetics, you may be required to meet the cost of the surgery from your pocket.

Vein Treatment in Chicago

Self Care

There are several methods that you can use such as losing weight, exercising, avoiding tight clothes, elevating legs and avoiding periods of sitting or standing. These can help to not only minimize the pain but to also prevent the worsening of varicose veins.

Compression Stockings

Wearing the compression stockings all day is in one of the most commonly used treatment for spider veins Chicago. These help to steadily squeeze the legs, helping the leg muscles and veins muscles to move the blood in a more efficient way. The compression amount will vary depending on the brand and type. The compression stockings can be bought at many medical supply and pharmacies stores.

Other Treatment Option

If you are not responding well to the compressing stockings and self-care or if the condition is severe, the varicose vein removal Chicago specialist can recommend other treatment options such as:

  • Sclerotherapy. This procedure involves the doctor injecting a small amount of a solution in the medium-sized varicose vein before closing it.
  • Large surgeries. There are new technologies that are being used in the laser treatment  for the closing of the small varicose veins as well as the spider veins.
  • Foam sclerotherapy. This involves injecting a foam solution on the large vein before closing the vein and sealing it.
  • High ligation & vein stripping. This involves trying off the vein before the deep vein. After this, the vein is gotten rid of through small incisions.

Ambulatory phlebectomy. The specialist will remove the small varicose veins using a number of punctures on the skin.

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