Tundish Boards – The Best Disposable Boards Comprised of Huge Benefits

Tundish Boards are disposable boards which are basically prepared for creating the inner lining of continuous casting tundishes and hence named so. These tundish boards are very much beneficial for saving energy and hence work efficiently for reducing the refractory consumption in tundishes.

Moreover, whenever you go for changing the inner lining; you will enjoy working with fresh board lining and hence ultimately affects the quality of steel. The tundish boards manufacturers are bound to improve the productivity of the steel produced which ultimately affects the allover turnaround time as well.

With the advancing techniques and tundish boars exporters in the market, the availability of acidic variety grade of steel as per the client’s satisfaction also has increased to a great extent. The quality of the tundish boards depends upon the consistency of the ray material used while making perfect tundish boards.

Before launching it in the market; tundish board exporters also ensures the proper testing of the boards as per physical and chemical properties. You now don’t need to have waited for preheating the refractory for about 15-20 minutes with the help of small nozzle or burner. Just get it down to work whenever required.

Features of Tundish boards

  • The tundish boards are energy saving products which help you in reducing the consumption of energy in the refractory in tundishes.
  • It prevents you from the lengthy preheating process and hence works for improving the turnover time significantly which in turn improves the productivity as well.
  • Tundish boards are the disposable boards which are used as inner lining for continuous cashing tundishes.
  • Each time you go for changing the inner linking i.e. tundishes the fresh one will enhance the productivity of the steel produced.
  • The tundishes are easy and quick to de-skull once have been completely done with the casting process.
  • You can enjoy working with a variety of grade depending upon the need of individual steelmakers.
  • The usage of tundishes in the refractories have been reduced the need of preheating for about 15-20 minutes.
  • The consistency in the raw material of the tundishes also ensures you about the quality of the product produced.

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