The Legendary Tales Of Adhai Din Ka Jhopra

You all must have known about the very famous dargah of Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti which is present in the outskirts of the city of Ajmer. Now have you ever heard about this place which is right behind this dargah? Have you ever heard of Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra mosque?  Well, this is what we will be talking today. Let us take you on a literal tour around the city of Ajmer and focus on this Adhai Din Ka Jhopra which is actually a mosque in the city of Ajmer in Rajasthan. It is considered to be one of the oldest mosques in India that holds a lot of histories to talk about and a lot of precise beautiful significances to notice. So in this article, let us know more about what is actually the significance of this Adhai Din Ka Jhopra.


Muhammad Ghori in the year 1192 CE had ordered to construct this beautiful monument and that is how Qutb-ud-din-Aibak set out to construct this magnanimous place where Ghori wanted to offer his prayers. History narrates that Ghori wanted this place to be built in just 60 hours and the workers set out on working day and night to finish the task but they could only build the wall of worship for the Ghori to offer his prayers. The other entire place was built a little slower and was believed to be completed by the year 1199 CE. Adhai means 2 ½ and Jhopra means literally a hut. That is how this place was named Adhai Din Ka Jhopra because, by the end of those 2 ½ days, the workers were able to construct this mosque only in the size of a hut. After its completion in 1199, Iltumish of Delhi was the one who got it renovated and glorified its beauty further in the year 1213 CE.

To talk about this place further, this place was actually built on the remains of a Sanskrit college that was seized by Ghori and was smashed down to construct this mosque and then a wall with seven arches was constructed around. This wall had Islamic calligraphy right in the front of the hall with pillars. To be frank and factual, this mosque had the influence of Jain and Hindu temples as the designs were sort of drawn from these architectural styles though they say that the architectural type was Indo- Islamic. Abu Bakr of Herat was the mastermind behind all of this and it is because of his ideas we still adore this Adhai Din Ka Jhopra.


Apart from this mosque, there are many other places in Ajmer to explore like the Ana Sagar Lake, the Ajmer Jain temple, the Nasiyan temple, etc., which attract the people from all over the country and in fact the world. But this Jhopra is something which everyone must see and remember for sure. So if you want to be here, book your cheap flight tickets to India with us at Indian Eagle and come down to Rajasthan where you will be getting an ample number of transport facilities to reach Ajmer. Visit this old city where you get to see the equality of religions in a way because this place is one of the few places that has an equal number of temples and mosques. Ajmer is one of those rare cities where the Sultans and the Jains have ruled the city equally. They have left their significances for us to see this day. So why not hurry up and look for some last minute flights and have this vacation as soon as possible?


History says it that the name ‘Adhai Din Ka Jhopra’ was not just given because it was built in 2 ½ days. There is another story which people seem to tell us when we visit this place.

Legends say that a human life is meant for or important for just 2 ½ days and so to celebrate life there is a fest that is held for 2 ½ days here in this place. So the Maratha fakirs came from far and celebrated their urs here in this place. Hence they called it a Jhopra. Since the fair or the fest is meant to be celebrated for 2 ½ days, this place happened to be called as Adhai Din Ka Jhopra.

So this was all I could share with you about this famous mosque that is worth rushing by booking some business class flights too. You should know more about this place and you should be standing right in front of this place and click some good pictures for your friends and other relatives to admire the place you have been too. Let me know in the comment section below if you agree with me and if you find this article worthy then do not forget to like and share this article. Stay in touch and stay wanderlusting. Adios!  

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