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Why Should You Need A SSL Certificate Even For Your Normal Blog

SSL Certificate

You might have listened about SSL certificate or HTTPS secured website. Well, SSL which stands for Secure Sockets Layer is the standard security feature that ensures that all the data that exchanges between a web server and a browser stays encrypt and private from hackers. You might have seen HTTPS in the some website while other websites only contain HTTP or WWW. The difference is HTTPS is a SSL certified website and have extra security layers to protect the site from external attacks.

You might not have a secure website because you might not consider it worthy. But, by not having a secure website, you are losing some valuable things and also inviting some hackers to play with your website. While, there are certainly have some benefits of have a SSL certify website, your website can suffer some lose by not getting secured.

Disadvantages of not having a SSL certified Website

Hackers can gain Admin excess with normal Attacks
This is the drawback of not having a secure website. We know that today hackers are very intelligent that they can hack top investing company and can gain millions of dollars from their account. There are many register cases where even a top secured site can’t save itself from these cyber-attacks.

You websites might not deal with money or infamous crypto currencies business but it still has some data which must be important to you and your readers. And an un-secure website can easily hack with some normal attacks like Brute Force, SQL Injection, and Cross-Site Scripting. These attacks are too normal that even I can try them too.

The thing is unsecured sites are using softwares which can be fooled easily but having a SSL certificate surely make the things difficult for such attacks.

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Your Website Pages can suffer low Ranking
In 2014, Google officially stated they will consider SSL certificate a ranking factor. And since then, there is a tremendous increase in the number of HTTPS websites. And you can also analyze their ranking factor. They rank mostly secured website because they want to give a relevant and secure result. Thus, the SSL can be proved good for your SEO and help your websites to get ranked.

Users will not consider your Website Safe Anymore
Last month, with Google’s Chrome recent update, the browser is starting to flag the websites without SSL certificate “Not Secure”. You might also see the warning “Not Secure” text in the address bar starting to a URL. While secure websites have green “Secure” text which insures that the sites are SSL certified.

And the conclusion is that almost 50% people of world uses Chrome to surf the internet in desktop and that is a huge audience. And as per the survey by HubSpot 82% people leave the website if it is not secure. So, SSL matters.

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How to choose the type of certificate?
There are certainly different types of securities to different kind of websites. There are basically three type of certificate.

  1. Single Certificate for a single website without any subdomain (www.example.com)
  2. Multi-domain certificate for multiple domains (www.example.com, abc.example.com)
  3. Wildcard certificate for many dynamic subdomains (a.example.com, b.example.com)

By a reliable certificate authority you can choose any of three certificates as per your website.

But if you have an e-commerce website or your website deals with money exchange than you have to purchase CDN (Content Delivery Network) to protection from DDoS attacks. DDoS is a powerful attack which sends a huge traffic on your websites from different source and when your website gets irresponsible the hacker can gain the admin access and you might suffer a huge loss of money.


Vipin Singh is a Marketing Associate in GreyB Research, a patent research firm based on Singapore and Office in India and US.

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