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Why To Prefer A Simple Logo For Your Brand

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When it comes to logo design, one needs to have a number of qualities to become a perfect logo designer. It doesn’t take some months rather years to become a professional logo designer and give some outstanding visual identities to businesses around the world. It happens to be one of the most difficult decisions to take for a business to choose a remarkable logo for their brand. They remain in a state of dilemma while finalizing a logo that on which their future will depend on.

Brands go through different types of logo to finalize that which one suits their brand most. They go through different types of logos, including, letter marks, word marks, pictorial marks, abstract logo marks, mascots, and different others. They also get attracted by some trending designs that are viral on social media and on different other platforms. But, what they choose? Or what should a brand choose? Whether you believe it or not, but it’s true that most of professional brands prefer to have a simple yet effective logo for their brand. The simpler a logo is, the easier it will penetrate into the mind of your audience. Below you can find some points advocating why you should choose a simple logo for your brand.

Simplicity is Always the Best
You must have heard all the time that simplicity is always the best. Is it true? Of course, because creativity becomes easy to explain and make people understand if it follows simplicity. Have you seen any person in the world who doesn’t like to have things in a simple way? Do you personally like complexity? You mustn’t be. Keeping thing in a simple way has always been the priority of all of us and same is the case with logo design of a brand. If you see the list of 50 top simple logo designs list, you will find a number of big brands in them. It is indeed their simplicity that has helped them reach to that level.

A Simple Logo Makes a Lasting Impression
If you really want to know the secret of the success of a logo, pay your attention toward the phenomenon of “lasting impression”. Have you noticed this thing in the digital world that some brands get success in no time while others achieve nothing even after spending years? Why this? It is because that some brands fail to make a lasting impression of their particular products or services among people.

On the bases of this phenomenon, you can perfectly understand why it is such important to get a simple logo for your brand because a simple logo can effectively leave a lasting impression for your consumers. What is easier to remember? A simple design or a complex one? Obviously a simple one. A simple design is easy to remember and this is what a brand always wants that its audience easily remember its logo. A simple logo penetrates in the mind of your clients or customers and stay there for a long.


“Simplicity is the glory of expression.” Walt Whitman

Difficult to Copy
The simpler a logo is, the more difficult it would be to copy it. Strange? It’s damn true. If you talk to different custom logo designers, they will also tell you about this reality that it’s easy to take some inspirations from the logos that are complex and contain a number of colors, and other details. The professional logo designers will also tell you that it’s difficult to take some inspirations from a simple logo because of a few colors and a simple design. If a brand tries to copy a simple logo of another brand, there are more chances that of copying to that extend in which a legal notice can be taken from the original one. You already know that there are strict rules about logos that no one is allowed to make a similar logo that has already been registered before by another company. There is a long list of the copyright cases that you can read on Wikipedia.


Easy to Remember
What is easier to remember? A whole article or a simple line? Obviously, a simple one. Similarly, it is easy to memorize and recall a simple logo for a long time period. A logo that is complicated and filled with more information becomes difficult to memorize by its viewers. Have you seen the logo of McDonalds? The brand has smartly used a big ‘M’ in its logo so that people can easily remember it for a long and the people can’t speak or understand English, they can also easily remember this big sign in the logo of McDonalds.

Convertible across All Media
Media should be one of the priorities for every business and being a businessman, you shouldn’t ignore this one of the most important factors on which, the success of a business relies upon. Another benefit of a simple logo design is that it can easily be converted with respect to any media design. Whether websites, social profiles, business cards, stamps, flyers, brochures, or any other business related thing on which your brand logo will be pasted, a simple logo can perfectly be fitted on all.


Consequently, your logo is the face of your brand and you should keep your face as clean as you can so that the face can leave a perfect lasting impression to your audience. A logo is important to build brand awareness and a simple design can effectively help you do so.

Steve Jackman is a well known digital marketing manager in Crafted Logo, the most professional logo design company in the world with experienced custom logo designers. He started his career as technical content writer and then promoted to content marketing specialist due to his excellent technical writing skills. He also has good command over SEO and Social Media Marketing.

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