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Safety Concerns In The Manufacturing Industry – Explained By Rotary Airlock Valve Manufacturers



Rotary Airlock Valve

Exposed wires, poor conditions of equipment, fatigued workers… Manufacturing facilities producing automotive spares and machines and parts like rotary airlock valves, etc. are facing trouble, both hidden and out in the open. If you don’t decide from where to start looking, this could bring disaster and may cause serious injury or even death. There are some safety concerns that manufacturing industry should think about

Poor Maintenance

Machines and components that are not maintained with grace can be hazardous. Even equipment with fail-safes can have interrupted performance if the user doesn’t perform regular maintenance checks and visual inspection. To low the risk factor, it is the responsibility of the user to inspect the equipment on regular basis by a professional, whether in-house or contracted. One should not rely only on the spaced out inspections, it is the duty of user to ensure that employees have skills to perform quick inspection before and after using each piece of machine.

They must know how to spot warning signs instantly, like exposed wires, electrical smells, grinding or scraping noises, abnormal wobbles, or any other uncommon sounds.

Permanent Hazards

Good maintenance practice will give durability and long life to the machine. Many equipments and machines are dangerous in manufacturing regardless of whether they are working exactly as they are designed for. Take example of chemical. You cannot simply expel the risk of hazardous chemical by making quick inspection, but you can ensure all chemicals are labeled aptly and that employees are well-versed of handling them in good way.

There are machines that heat up at faster rate and pose a fire hazard, even if the user operates them correctly. It is his duty to know the limits of the equipment and tell the operators and workers about the same.

Undertrained Staff Employees

You facility is as safe as your workers performing in it. You must train your employees and make them learn how to operate all equipments. You should tell them the way to check everything is working as it should.

Unrestricted Access

Work sites should only be accessed by staff employees. No one should be allowed to bring their friends, family or known ones at the site. You need to put signs at restricted areas to limit the access. You can also use locked gates and doors if signs do not work.

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