Relish Fresh Cuisine on the Train

There has been started one prime service in the train very late, and that is the services food in train of e-catering. To make food available to the online passengers present on the train, these services are being considered as one among the very crucial and booming services that are being offered. E- catering food services on train assure a better experience, which may alleviate the stress you have concerning the availability of food on the trains. Purposefully, located in the trains boarded for a long journey, e- catering services found on the train offer plenty of cuisines at the time of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. E- catering assures quality food along with commendable services.

Working of e- catering services

It has got an extremely easy principle how E – catering food works in the train. A fixed menu of food in train is made up of numerous arrays of cuisines like Chinese, north Indian cuisine, Italian, Mughlai, and south Indian food that are put on the show on the portals present online. You can pick a specific cuisine and just press the order button to bear out the delivery. You can place an order by ringing up on a toll-free number displayed in the site for IRCTC or just by sending an SMS towards the needed number. Subsequent to picking the order, you require providing some personal information like your name, number of the train, and the allotted berth together with the date set for traveling. E- catering services have been connected with well–known caterers which makes it certain that better quality and fresh food may be given whenever it is needed all through the country.

Highlights about this E – catering services

  • A big initiative, there happen a few highlights that can be said to have led to the success of E – catering providers in the train.
  • Elevated criteria of capturing food of cuisines like continental, Mughlai, Italian, Chinese, South Indian, and north Indian
  • Immaculate quality of food that happens to be fresh always
  • Desired food is available in the desired train whenever it is needed
  • It is very easy to see the menu online
  • The order may be placed easily by ringing up the toll-free number
  • You can place an order online or just by sending an SMS
  • Mode of payment is very easy just pay the cash on delivery

Advantages of E – catering services

E –catering services may be taken as a blessing regarding frequent travelers who go on long trips very often. Trouble – free availability of food lessens the stress of packing food for your trip and also solves the issue of stale food. Also, you may place orders according to your taste needs.  An added advantage is that you may order food for your relative and make it definite they take pleasure in a delicious meal at the time of the trip. Hot as well as fresh food is provided that can be considered as another draw. It is simple to place an order via an online portal which you can perform just by a click. Mode of payment like cash on delivery or online renders it friendlier to travelers.

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