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Provided HitBTC Support Number, Security and fees structure!!




In business sectors, everything is needed to fast be it the demand or supply. At the time of payment and exchange, the digitalization of money looks fancy to the users. As it is an instant process with no boundaries, most of the business sectors are coming forward to invest in the digital currencies, nevertheless today there are enormous platforms for the crypto exchange.

Each of the platforms has their own specific advantages and drawbacks, HitBTC is one such platform with many merits and some demerits.

About HitBTC Exchange
The HitBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The location of the exchange is unknown till date. The company was launched in 2014. HitBTC is operated by Hit tech Ltd. The company is popular for providing access to the multi-currency exchange. It has a registered trademark “HitBTC” for crypto exchange.

HitBTC Customer Services
The company offers a limited HitBTC Phone Number which is one of the reasons for the negative image of HitBTC. The customer helpline number is often unavailable and not responsive that makes a backdrop for customer support.

Security OF HitBTC
The company was once hacked and lost the virtual currency.  In 2015 HitBTC was hacked down however the company did not disclose anything about the actual loss of coins. Since then the HitBTC has invested a fine amount of money and time to maintain an excellent security service yet the users often claim the loss of cryptocurrencies from their accounts but there is not much effort shown by the company for resolving this issue.

HitBTC is able to maintain a nice amount of profit since the time of launch. The company has kept on growing on the list of gaining more and more users to visit daily on the site of company. The low fees and instantaneous transactions hold the customers to keep using HitBTC. It was reported that as of May 2018 the company had a daily volume of over 250 million dollars. Along with this HitBTC was recorded with top traded coins that are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash.

Fees structure Of HitBTC
HitBTC follows a very low charge on trades. The company has a format of maker and taker fees. It works with the purpose of maximizing the liquidity on the site. The takers are charged with 0.1% on the trade of cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, the makers are not charged any fee. The makes receive a 0.01% rebate from the trade. The unique format of the company interest people and it is one of the major reasons for the mass to invest in digital assets through the HitBTC Customer Service.

It is a platform for the crypto exchange that allows trading at the minimum cost. HitBTC has no roof limit and it allows almost instantaneous payments that influence the business sectors. Despite some drawbacks, the company is a fine platform for beginners investing in the cryptocurrencies. The unique formats for a profit of makers encourage them to invest more in the digital currencies.

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