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DIY Survival Bow Project Using FRP Pipe




Have you been wishing to get a bow for practicing in the yard? You don’t like playing with the kid’s bow toy, but you want to be a kid once again. FRP pipe manufacturers bring this article for you all. In this DIY project, you will see the best possible way to make your own survival bow using FRP pipe. The world is evolving and there are several supplies available to use, such as PVC.

How to make a bow using PVC pipe?
There are certain things you need for your fiberglass reinforced plastic bow project-

  • 1 62” length of ¾” PVC pipe
  • 2 2” sections of ½” PVC pipe
  • 4 FRP driveway markers
  • 1 paracord survival bracelet
  • 1 lighter
  • 1 PVC pipe cutter
  • 1 Tape measure

Step 1 – cut the pipes if needed
Use the PVC pipe cutter to cut the main bow pipe to 62” length. Repeat this for ½” pipe to create two sections, each 2 inches long.

Step 2 – Use sand paper on insert edges
We need to sand one edge of the small ½” pieces since we are going to slam them into ¾ bow pipe as reinforcement inserts. You can use just hands as a tool to slide the pipe edge easily on sand paper.

Step 3 – Hammer them tips
Get one of your 2” pieces and put them on the hollow end of ¾” pipe. Use hammer and give whacks to seat the pieces into the position.

Step 4 – Bind the core of fiberglass
Tape all the rods together to get two cores. The cores are made from two rods joined side by side with tape. Now take your other ½” pipe insert and put it at the end of the bow. This will ensure you about how much room is available inside the bow. Then line up the rods, so the rods tip end at the point where the insert commences. Layer the rods on top of each other. Prepare a 4-rod system that is about 58” long.

Step 5 – stuff the bow
Step 6 – put in second insert
Step 7 – mark the limbs
Step 8- Cut the string insert
Step 9 – String loop
Step 10 – String your bow
Step 11- Color it if you like
Step 12- You are the next Robin Hood!

This is just a basic guide. If you are looking for step by step guidelines, you must contact DIY project undertakers. To avail FRP pipes, you can have some pieces from FRP pipe manufacturers in your town.

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