Powerful Marketing Tips for Instagram

Since the time Instagram has been created, it has become one of the best platforms on which users can share their photos or videos. Considering the scenario now, millions of users are active monthly on this social networking application and around 60 million posts go up every day. There are many influencers on Instagram who have many followers. If you have the proper plan, there are chances that you will become a famous and influential brand as well. It is important that you keep posting the right content in order to stay relevant to your followers while attracting the new ones. However, it can be a difficult task to understand the kinds of contents that will be best for your followers.

Listed below are few of the powerful marketing tips for Instagram that you can consider.

Switching to a business account

Your followers are not interested in your personal account. Therefore, it is important to switch to the business profile even before you start making any marketing plans. When you have a business profile, you will get certain clear benefits. Your followers can contact you personally from the Instagram page. Your business profile acts like your website only. You can create attractive Instagram ads and publish them. You will also have access to the Analytics tool of Instagram, which is called Insights. Through this, you will get the statistics about the reach and impressions of the posts.

Using free Instagram tools

You can use the Instagram tools that are available for free. With the help of the Analytics tool, you can understand the impressions that your posts have made on your followers. It is also easy to get the demographics of the followers, which include information about the location, gender, active hours, as well as their age. All these tools are extremely helpful as they enable you to understand how your followers are interacting with the content that you are posting. When you get a better understanding of how your followers are interacting with the posts, you have the freedom to adjust the content for boosting engagement.

Posting product teasers

It is extremely easy to sell products by posting attractive teasers for your followers on Instagram. Instagram is the best place for advertising your products. Moreover, if you are able to play the cards right, you will not annoy your users with the advertisements. Ensure that you are not extremely pushy or your followers will start decreasing rapidly. Product teasers are considered to be the best as you are talking about the product without trying extremely hard. You can also get real followers for Instagram and make your account look dependable.

Creating sponsored advertisements

The Instagram advertisements have become very popular as you have the freedom to control the amount that you are willing to spend on the advertisements. You can do so by setting the advertising budgets. This has allowed the brands to target the followers in a unique manner, as the followers could only see the photos that were uploaded before the sponsored posts arrived. Brands can now promote the photos to those people who are fit to be their target audience.


Instagram is dominating the entire world of social media. Therefore, it is the best place to grab attention for your brand. Consider the above marketing tips if you are interested in marketing through your Instagram business profile.

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