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Why PCD Pharma in Ahmedabad is at the Top



PCD Pharma Ahmedabad

The Indian pharmaceutical sector is now among the world’s leading industries. It has a leading share in world market in terms of volume, leading the trade in generic drugs. Within India there are some states and cities that have emerged as the leading centres for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Ahmedabad has emerged as one of these leading centres.

Ahmedabad not only boasts of some premier manufacturing units, it is also emerging as a leading marketing centre. But PCD firms have an added responsibility. With the goal of leading the propaganda and distribution, PCD pharma in Ahmedabad have become the ideal partners for the manufacturing units.

What makes the PCD firms of Ahmedabad among the best in the world? There is no single reason behind this.

Spirit of entrepreneurship:
Any leading industry needs entrepreneurs who can bring in their top game. We need aggressive, innovative businessmen and women who cannot only adapt and lead in the changing business environment; they can actually change the very rules of the business. Entrepreneurs are the people who build a business and make sure that it stays at the top.

The Gujarati is known for his/her entrepreneurship. This has always been a leading business community in India and they have changed themselves brilliantly with the changing business environment. Not just that, the Ahmedabad entrepreneurs also have a thriving partnership in other countries and have been instrumental in the spread of pharma trade in the international market.

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Availability of skilled professionals:
In today’s information technology era, propaganda and distribution is the job of skilled professionals. Carrying out a good propaganda project today requires work on multiple platforms. Not only do we need the support of a canny marketing professional, we also need expertise in SEO, SMO, advertising, PR and so on. These are highly skilled professionals.

Fortunately, Ahmedabad has many of India’s leading educational and vocational institutions. This means a steady supply of skilled workers who have the technical know-how to run cutting-edge campaigns. Since these firms can hire locally, they are also positioned to benefit from their knowledge of the local markets.

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Local funding:
Ahmedabad has a number of options in institutional funding — from banks to private investors. With many of its people living in developed countries, Gujarati people have always shown interest in funding promising business ventures back home. This has been a great boon for PCD pharma in Ahmedabad. These firms can look for funding locally from investors who are passionate and committed towards building a thriving industry. Many of these investors have exposure to and are experienced in international trading and business practices. This further helps the firms to spread across borders.

Back-up of local manufacturing units:
A PCD pharma firm will ultimately be only as good as the manufacturing firm it works with. This is where the firms in Ahmedabad often score over other firms in India. They work with the many certified local units. Working with local units has certain advantages. You can meet face-to-face and are familiar with the working culture. This increases the chances to have a better interpersonal relationship that can have a positive effect on the professional relationship and communication. You are also assured of quick response to your queries and timely deliveries.

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Excellent infrastructure: Gujarat has an excellent infrastructure, one of the best in India. This means that firms can run smoothly and deliveries can take place in time. Firms specializing in PCD pharma in Ahmedabad deal with manufacturing units across the state and the nation. The presence of a good infrastructure ensures that deliveries and distribute can take place smoothly.

Government support:
One of the reasons behind the success of Gujarati businesses has been the support of the State government. The Gujarat government has always encouraged local business through perks like readily available funds, policies; tax breaks industrial areas and a superb infrastructure. Together this has created a healthy business atmosphere in the city, creating successful business and encouraging entrepreneurship.

There is no doubt that firms specializing in PCD Pharma in Ahmedabad are among the best in India. The availability of local funding sources, skilled professionals and expertise has given them a competitive advantage. But it is the Gujarati spirit of entrepreneurship and never-say-die attitude that has given them the real edge!

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All You Need to Know About Dyes Intermediates in India



Dyes Intermediates

Dye Intermediates are organic compounds used in the production of dyes. These are usually petroleum products. They are further processed to produce dyes and pigments. They are an important raw material in the dye and pigment industry, which in turn forms one of the main suppliers in textile, paper, ink and plastic industry.

Some of the common dyes intermediaries are magenta lumps, malachite crystal, anthraquinone intermediates, orange, yellow and black acid-dyes.

Dyes and Dye Intermediates
The dyes that are produced by using dye intermediaries fall under the synthetic dyes, as opposed to natural dyes. Together dye and dye intermediaries includeazo dyes, naphthols, basic dyes, reactive dyes, vat dyes, direct dyes, disperse dyes, fast colour bases,sulphur dyes, organic and pigments.

Let us look at some of these dyes more closely:

  • Basic dyes are water soluble and are used to dye textiles and paper. Acetic acid is used in the manufacturing process to improve dye absorption.
  • Direct dyes use near boiling point during the dyeing process. Sodium compounds are added to neutral to slightly alkaline bath.
  • Acid dyes, on the other hand, use neutral to acid bath. These are also water soluble dyes. Apart from fabric and paper, these dyes are also found in synthetic food colours.
  • Vat dyes are insoluble in water. During dyeing an alkali metal salt is extracted that helps in dyeing the fabric.
  • Reactive dyes are one of the most permanent dyes. They are easy to use and last a long time.
  • Sulphur dyes are used for producing dark colours.
    • Dyes Intermediaries in India
      Dyes and dye intermediate industries are one of the most important industrial sectors in India, a major player in the chemical industry. It is also one India’s most booming export sector, registering impressive growth. In fact, India is slowly creating a global niche for itself.

      Much of this growth comes from the organised sector, which has slowly consolidated to become a formidable agency. The unorganized sector also has a substantial presence with millions depending on this industry. As the clothes, paper, printing and other associated industries register a boom in growth, this sector is expected to see demand shoot up.

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      This growth is further fuelled by overseas demand. The production base for dyes and dye intermediates has been slowly moving from the developed countries to countries like India and China. The shift in manufacturing has occurred mainly due to environmental concerns in those countries. The same concerns may affect manufacturers in the small sector in India.

      The future
      India is today a major hub for reactive and disperse dyes. As expressed above, the industry is set to grow further as domestic and overseas demand shoots up. But there is still a lot to be done.

      • We need further consolidation in the industry.
      • As environmental concerns dominate, the industry must keep up, especially the small sector. Failure to do so may impact exports. As the Indian government also tightens its norms, it will also impact local demand.
      • There is dire need for better R&D to balance environment concerns with cost efficiency.
        • Dyes intermediates manufacturers are a major player in Indian chemical industry and with its growth, they must come together to improve quality, competency and increasing their global share.

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Dos And Don’ts of Pharma Marketing



Pharma Marketing

Medical science is growing leaps and bounds and so is the pharmaceutical industry. Keeping in mind the growing demand of medicine and medical equipment it has become all the more important to keep up with the demand.

New and advanced technology has brought about better performing medicine which has helped us in coping up with several problems. Pharma has become a fast growing business and is growing at a steady pace. The big question is how is it possible to market pharma and keep up with the growing competition. There are new and versatile ways of marketing medicine both online as well as in the retail segment. In order to succeed in this field, it is important to make a planned approach and follow a strategy.

What is Pharma Marketing?
Pharma Marketing is very significant in today’stime, but the sad part is that they is a shortage of professionals who have adequate knowledge in this file, therefore it has been seen people who have very little experience in this field are getting involved in pharma marketing which is not doing justice to this field.

There are lesser number of stringent rules and regulation which makes it less serious and therefore are subject to greater competition. Another major factor which impacts the overall dynamics of pharma marketing is the packaging and storing of medicine.

Since medicines consist of salt which needs to be protected by the atmosphere therefore one needs to be very careful with its packaging. Therefore, when we speak about pharma marketing, there are several things which need to be kept in mind while retailing the needs and requirements.

What Are The Factors Which Effect Pharma Marketing?
Quality Of Goods – First and foremost which effects the ways the product needs to market is the quality of the product itself. If the product itself commands a goodwill for itself ,then even Luke warn marketing and promotional activity would get good results, however in order for the product to be launched in the market that is to start with at least some users, some amount of promotional activity is a must.

Customer Service – Another important activity which is very important to maintain the reputation is the customer service. It is very important to please the customer and listen to their thoughts about the product and take necessary actions about it to keep the demand growing.

Distribution Channel – Once the demand has been set and you are sure to market the product for a continuous time period, it is very important to have a robust distribution channel, where in a continuous demand and supply can be maintained.

Marketing Channel – Distribution channel and marketing channel go hand in hand, therefore in order to maintain a strong distribution channel one needs to have a strong marketing channel. Marketing channel in case of pharma marketing plays a very important role.

Pricing Policy – It is very important to charge a decent price in accordance to the requirement of a particular medicine; therefore it is wise to command a price which does justice to both the manufacturer as well as the consumer.

Reputation Of The Brand – Last but not the least pharma industry and pharma products directly impact the health and wellbeing of an individual therefore the reputation of the brand plays a very vital role.

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Business Challenges Faced by Speciality Chemical Companies in Industry



Chemical Companies

Speciality chemical companies presently experience enormous pressure in securing margin in the midst of monetary stability. Over the previous year, the clients have effectively managed five particular business challenges utilizing a worth approach.

#1 Fluctuating cost of raw materials
Speciality chemical manufacturing companies are extensively reactive to fluctuating raw material expenses, particularly as they identify with the value desires of their own clients. Overseeing “cost-plus” amount desires requires expertise and planning to ensure smooth client relationships and also the margin. This is critical both when the cost of raw material rises and falls.

#2 Replying to Aggressive rivals
Giving competition over price alone is an unsafe game, particularly because of aggressive discounts offered by competitors. In such possibly high-stakes circumstances, it is essential to objectively survey the competitor move from a key viewpoint initially.

When should you compete over price?
When your speciality chemical company has a sustainable, substantial, and cost advantage When your managers find apt reason to believe completion will not respond

#3 Neutralizing practices of procurement
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) procurement practices are adjusted to drive down the most reduced expense for every unit. Considering the more economic or budgetary effects of a chemical material availability is fundamental to set up a win-win transaction. This requires proper planning, preparation, and practice.

#4 Conveying Differentiated Value
Speciality chemical companies should successfully convey their differentiated value through a composite value chain of molders, OEMs, fabricators, distributors and even retailers & merchants. Such correspondence relies on simply quantifying the execution profits of the material and supporting services. Since the measure of value varies at every phase of the value chain; a reasonable strategy for overseeing client value correspondence is important.

#5 Fighting commoditization of the product
Product advancement is necessary for fighting forces of commoditization in the lifecycle of the product. Experts will suggest optimizing margin at the launch of product and to achieve success and establish a value-based item, speciality chemical companies need to support their product advancement, sales and marketing functions.

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