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Oracle Certification : Frequently Asked Questions (OCA, OCP, OCE, OCM)



Oracle Certification

Oracle Certification is not just a degree or a certificate, but a learning architecture that tech professionals in an array of different disciplines choose to secure a career path. Like Cisco, there are different levels denoted by certifications earned.

How Many levels are there in Oracle Training?

  • Level One: Associate
  • Level Two: Professional
  • Level Three: Expert
  • Level Four: Master

The entry level is called “Associate,” and the terminal level is “Master.” So an entry level certification would be an Oracle Certified Associate in a given discipline.

How do I get Started with Oracle Training for an OCA Certification?

It depends on how you want to learn and what format would suit you best. OCA training is available to interested candidates in a some different ways.

  • Learning subscriptions
  • Classroom learning
  • Live virtual online classes
  • Private events such as boot camps

It takes a highly disciplined individual to succeed entirely on a self-study program, but it’s possible to combine a variety of methods to achieve the desired goal.

What is the Most Popular Certification?

Oracle Certified Associates have a variety of training paths, but the most popular OCA is in the database path.

What does an OCA do?

The OCA DBA 11g is an entry-level database certification that verifies proficiency in lower level database management. For example, an OCA can find work as a junior database manager, or work on a team that deploys enterprise level databases using the Oracle Database Management System.

What Skills does an OCA Learn?

  1. Prepare an environment for the creation of a new database
  2. Setting the new database initialization parameters.
  3. Configuring the network environment.
  4. Manage storage structures in the 11g database environment.
  5. Manage and configure database user account permissions
  6. Configure security settings for database user accounts.
  7. Implement database security protocols.
  8. Manage 11g database alerts.
  9. Effectively use the enterprise manager workbench.
  10. Correctly diagnose failures in an Oracle database.
  11. Create and manage automatic backups.
  12. Move data between Oracle databases.

These are just a few examples of the skills that an OCA learns from their training. A more comprehensive list is available from Oracle.

What Kind of Salaries can an OCA Make? shows that on the low end, an Oracle database specialist pulls down an average of about $65,000 per year. On the high end, an Oracle trained database engineer takes home over $100,000 annually.

How much does OCA Certification Cost?

It varies depending on the method of instruction, but when looking at OCA training, candidates should always make sure that they are getting training at an Oracle Partner Facility. Other sources of training might not have the latest instruction materials or exam prep.

What is an OCP Certification?

This certification level is the Professional designation in Oracle’s certification path and is the next step up from the entry-level OCA. It’s considered an intermediate designation and as such requires the OCA as a prerequisite. Think of OCA as a 100/200 level class, and OCP as a 300/400 level.

What skills does an OCP Learn?

  1. Understanding Oracle database architecture.
  2. Understanding and utilizing Automatic Storage Management (ASM).
  3. Configuring the database to maximize recoverability in the event of failure.
  4. Perform successful automatic and manual backup and recovery operations.
  5. Management of database memory and available space.
  6. Management of database performance and resources.
  7. Automation of routine tasks and jobs using Scheduler.
  8. Understanding and utilizing the Recovery Manager (RMAN) to configure recovery catalogs, duplicate databases, automate backups, and perform recovery after database failures.

A more comprehensive list is available from Oracle.

How Much Does an OCP Make in Salary?

Since the OCP is a step up from the OCA, there’s a corresponding step up in pay. Salaries for an OCP range from around $84,000 per year as a systems analyst to as much as $123,000 per year as a software architect.

What does an OCP Certification Cost?

It depends on the method of instruction, but the cost is generally in the middle four figures. Weighed against the potential to advance a career, that’s a lot less than – say – a semester at a four-year university.

The next two certifications in the line-up are OCM (Oracle Certified Master) and OCE (Oracle Certified Expert). Everyone knows that the higher you go, the more you can see, and these two certifications are no different. Offering the highest pay, best chances for advancement, and in high demand, these certifications are the equivalent of 500/600 level courses and graduate-level courses designed to deepen the understanding and focus on specific areas of knowledge within a given specialty.

Training for Oracle certifications gives the holder a clear career training path for in-demand technology jobs. The potential return on investment has to be taken into account before anything else. Simply by obtaining an OCA, a candidate can start earning a good salary, and have opportunities for further training – often at an employer’s expense. Look into an Oracle certification with a certified partner today!

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