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Must Have Plug-In Tools in Blogging



One of the most popular things on the internet today is blogging. Over the past few years, it has become not only a way of people to express themselves and report various news and activities, but it has also influenced various brands and forms of media as well. Due to these developments, blogging has seen a vast improvement in terms of website interface, along with the various website tools and features. With the increased convenience and accessibility of blogging, more and more people begin to see its benefits.

If you are planning to start a blog, there are many tips and tricks from the internet that can help guide you through the ins and outs of blogging. Other than these tips, here is a list of essential plug-in tools that you can use to enhance your experience.


1. WordPress SEO by Yoast
If you want your blog posts to be more visible on the internet through various search engines, then this is the tool that you would need. This plug-in has a variety of features that would help your blog posts, which include content optimization, page analytics, RSS optimization, XML Sitemaps, link building, and Search Engine Optimization. These features are guaranteed to get your blog the exposure it needs so that more people reach your content.

2. Commentluv
This handy plug-in is a nice way to help you discover and share posts from fellow bloggers. To make this work, people who view your blog post would simply need to comment. Through the comment, you would be able to see their profile, along with their most recent blog posts. This is a plug-in that would not only encourage sharing but also help in expanding your blog network and reach.

3. Replyme
One of the things that you must always do when blogging is to keep your content and viewers updated. This plug-in helps you make sure that you would be able to respond to the comments on your posts anywhere you go. You can respond through your WordPress dashboard, and you can also use the mobile app just in case you are away from your computer.

4. Editorial Calendar
With so much content that may come to your mind during a course of a week or month, it may be a challenge to find time to write and post them. Luckily, this plug-in helps you get organized, as it gives you an overview of your blog posts, along with a detailed schedule on when to publish them. This will keep you organized, and make assure that you would be able to keep your blog fresh and updated.

5. Photodropper
One of the most important things that you need to have with your blog post are images that would accompany them. It takes a good amount of time to look for the appropriate images, and you also have to worry about user licenses, as not all images on the internet can be freely used. Photodropper makes looking for images easier by providing you with the right images while making sure that they are legal to use on your post.

Key Takeaway
Blogging is a fun and interesting activity that not can help a good amount of people, and also give exposure to various brands and media. These plug-ins would be able to give you a nice start to your first blogging experiences.

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