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How You Can Make Bricks From Tested Concrete



Construction bricks are used for wall coverage purposes over the years, but a few people know that they can be used as an interior décor item. You can make these bricks with concrete that you have prior tested with concrete testing equipment. Earlier, common bricks were molded from clay and fired in a kiln. But that is not the way followed by present brick manufacturing companies. You can even make brick at your place by following simple steps that we will discuss in this post.

Easy Steps To Form Concrete Bricks

Select the shape you want for concrete brick
You will need basic carpenter tools and a 19mm sheet of plywood along with 2X4” by 8 feet lumber. You can use dimensions for the brick- 9 X 4 X 3.5 inches.

  • Rip the plywood sheet down to 12 inch wide X 48 inch long strips. With this, you will get 8 bricks per strip and 64 bricks from entire sheet of plywood.
  • Cut the side forms down to 2 X 4”. By doing this, you will get 9 pieces, 9 inches in length.
  • Assemble the forms with the 1.2m or 48 inches pieces laid parallel
  • Use a spray can of form release oil to ease the stripping of forms after pouring the concrete mixture into the molds.

This is the most challenging part of making concrete brick. You can use a commercially prepared dry blend of concrete/asphalt materials for the process.

Put a bag of prepared mix of concrete in a wheelbarrow. Add little amount of water in the small hole type opening. Use bucket for watering instead of hose for better control of water amount that is added at any one time. Make sure you add that much of water with which you will get workable concrete consistency. Use a shovel and put the concrete into the forms.

Let it set for 24 hours. Strip the forms from the concrete bricks next day. Store the bricks in a cool place and cover them up and cure them for 2 weeks. Covering will help in preventing cracks in the bricks during curing process. Once curing is done, you can apply these bricks anywhere.

Just in case it seems difficult to you, ask professional assistance. The most significant factor to consider is that you should use tested concrete. Cement/Concrete Testing Equipment Manufacturers can help you in getting right tools for testing concrete and asphalt mix. You can source these tools at competitive price from them.

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