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Major Sewage Issues and Solutions For STP Plant



Solutions For STP Plant

Manufacturers of STP plant solutions India are designing their sewage systems to carry waste from sewage away in pipes. Sewage systems help in enhancing the community health in crowded urban areas. However, to prevent health issues, it is important to treat sewage to ensure water is safe to return into waterways for recycle.

Treatment of sewage is expensive and often it is dumped by industries without treatment. This increases the health risk as wastewater contains germs, worms and toxic chemicals that may cause hepatitis, typhoid, and cholera nearby the areas where sewage is dumped.

Even with expensive sewage treatment, using water to carry away waste is generally not sustainable and can result in various issues like-

  • Drinking water contamination
  • Land contamination where people live and do farming
  • Loss of nutrient resources for farming, such as fertilizers
  • Odor problem
  • Contamination of water used for drinking, farming, and bathing

Sewage plants are also responsible for health issues when certain kinds of waste are mixed together, for example, when industries dump their toxic waste into sewers. Such contaminated water is difficult to use or recycle.

The most secure low cost method to manage sewage is to treat it at the place where it is generated, and later allow the water to absorb into the soil and nourish crops/plants. Once can perform this by using a septic tank and leach field. However, this method requires technical planning and for that you need professional assistance of the partner that can provide you water and sanitation solution.

The sewage treatment systems use lot of water to perform a job that can be done with limited or no water. Communities with little water, or for those who cannot afford a sewage system will benefit from other types of toilets.

Mosquitoes are Another Trouble Caused By Sewage
Mosquitoes carry severe diseases like dengue, malaria, and yellow fever. These diseases are transferable from one person to another. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water or the water that is collected at some place and doesn’t move.

How to prevent diseases caused by mosquitoes?
There are certain things that can be done to prevent diseases caused by mosquitoes-

Reduce the risk of being bitten by mosquito – You can apply mosquito repellant, use window screens, ultra liquid electric machine, clothes that cover your maximum body and insecticide-treated bed nets.
Control the spread with treatment – Do ensure that people should get instant and effective treatment, regardless of their ability to pay the bill.
Get rid of mosquito breeding sites – Cover the areas at your home that are open and prone to water stagnant. Develop good drainage system, wells, so that water will not get collected at your place.
Prevent new breeding sites – The best water management and land management practice will help you in preventing new breeding sites.

These are the solutions that one can apply to stay protected against mosquito and the diseases spread by them.

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