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Major Pros and Cons of Buying Refurbished Phones



Refurbished iPhone

Are you planning to buy a new mobile phone, but do not want to spend a high amount for a new phone? If you think so, you can consider buying a refurbished phone. Yes, refurbished mobile phones are the hottest alternatives for brand new smartphones that millions of people can’t afford. These phones are available at extremely affordable prices, therefore, people can easily own their dream mobile phones within their short budget limits.

If you are wondering what refurbished phones are, here is an overview!

Refurbished cell phones are the phones that are sent back to the manufacturers or dealers because of having some minor or major defects. These phones are restored to their former condition by repairing, remodeling, polishing, and repackaging and then returned to the markets for sale as good as new.

The reliability and performance of such a device depend on the sort of defect it suffered from and the treatment applied to it. If it was a hardware damage, then faulty parts are replaced with the better ones instead of being repaired. Hence, if there are any software glitches, then it is upgraded by professional technicians to restore its good working condition.

Refurbished iPhone

Refurbished iPhone

Refurbished phones are also known as pre-owned or reconditioned mobile phones.

Mobile Phone Refurbishment Procedure

Refurbished phones are undergone a thorough refurbishment process that involves different tasks including repairing, remodeling, polishing, testing, and repackaging. Generally, a customer returns a mobile phone to the manufacturer or dealer because the device has actually malfunctioned. Then it is sent to refurbishment department where expert technicians run a diagnostic exam to identify the problem and then replace any part that is damaged or not working properly.

The parts that are most often repaired or replaced range from motherboards to LCD screens, speakers, and batteries. The most common part of a phone that is replaced is the LCD screen. The reason is that LCD screens are so sensitive and prone to damage. They are easily cracked or smashed if a mobile phone is dropped or slammed into something hard. If a cell phone is returned because the screen stops working, the screen is usually replaced with a new screen, then it is tested for ensuring full functionality and then it is sold at a discounted price.

Let’s Consider the Major Pros and Cons of Buying Refurbished Phones

Though buying a refurbished phone is really a money-saving option, it can be risky because of the faults they previously had. So, it is important to consider the major pros and cons of refurbished phones before buying them.


  1. The first and most obvious advantage of buying reconditioned mobile phones is money saving. Yes, such cell phones are cheaper than the brand new handsets. Generally, they are available at third or half prices of their new counterparts. This is why these devices are good to own for those who don’t have sufficient budget to buy new mobile phones. You can browse cheap refurbished phone deals online and save a lot of pounds in your wallet.
  2. Refurbished phones are usually unlocked. That means you are not restricted to any specific network service provider and can enjoy the best services of your preferred network service provider anywhere in the world.
  3. Another benefit of reconditioned mobile phones is that they come with standard warranty cards if you purchase them from authentic dealer or reseller. Commonly, you get a warranty card for 90-180 days when you buy a refurbished phone. It makes you satisfied with your purchase.
  4. Warranty is not enough, you can also get money back guarantee if you approach a reputable dealer/ seller to buy a refurbished phone. Some certified dealers supply return policy under which if you are satisfied with your purchased product, you can return them within a specific time period and get your money back.
  5. If you buy a refurbished phone online, most probably it will not require any type of contract. Contrary, in case of brand new phones, you have to sign a contract with a particular carrier at the time of purchase. And if you decide to upgrade or replace your phone before the completion of the contract, you have to pay any cancellation fees. However, in case of refurbished phones, you are free to replace or upgrade your phone anytime when you want.

I hope all these benefits will encourage you to buy a refurbished phone instead of investing hundreds of pounds in a brand new handset. Hence, before making a purchase, you should also consider the cons of refurbished phones so that you can safely buy a refurbished product.


  1. Nowadays, there are a number of dealers and resellers doing the business of selling refurbished smartphones. Some of them try to sell used, defected, or low-quality phones using the name of refurbished. So, you should make sure that you are choosing a right dealer or reseller who will only offer you the good quality refurbished phones at reasonable prices.
  2. Another risk that involves in buying a refurbished cell phones for sale from UK is that refurbished phone is stolen or blacklisted. Please ask the seller or dealer what the IMEI number of the phone you want to buy is and then check it is not blacklisted or not. If it is blacklisted, it will not work.
  3. Finally, if you don’t do your research well before purchasing a refurbished mobile phone, you can end up paying more than it is worth. This basically means that you need to browse various trusted dealers/ resellers and compare their deals to choose the best one. Moreover, you should take time to ensure that you are choosing the one product that does not have any glitches or damages.

In conclusion, like everything, there are some pros and cons that you get while buying a refurbished phone. However, if you conduct some research work to choose a trustworthy dealer/ reseller, it will make your purchase safe and favourable too.

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