Things To Look at Before Exchanging Gold

Exchanging Gold

Gold in all its forms is the most precious metals found on Earth. It adds glitter to every occasion. In many traditions, pure gold is considered as family legacy and it’s passed down to many generations. Exchanging gold should be always done with a motto of improving its longevity and robustness.

Gold is tested on 3 factors – caratage(karats), weight and design. Caratage means the degree of purity. The fixed weights in which gold comes are 14K, 18K, 22K OR 24K gold, out of which 24K is the purest form of gold. Weight and design play a secondary role in deciding whether the gold is worth exchanging or not.

Let us look at the points to be kept in mind while exchanging gold:

Checking the gold rates:
It is advisable to check the gold rates before a week you plan to exchange the gold. This will give you the estimate when the gold prices will be at peak and then you can take the maximum benefit of it.

Check for Hallmark:
Whenever you are exchanging gold make sure that it is hallmarked which clearly tells the gold is pure, certified and it’s not a fraud metal.

Plain gold will be beneficial:
It is always advisable to exchange plain gold i.e without having stones or embellishments. Because these are considered as impurities while exchanging it and while buying the ornament you would have paid for both- gold weight and stone weight.

Have a proper record of bills:
Original weight of the gold and other necessary details are written on the invoice. So this will make sure that you are not duped while weighing gold at the time of exchange.

Approach a reputed jeweller:
Opt for a jeweller which is well known and trustworthy to invest in. You should buy it from the jeweller who gives you hallmarked jewellery ensuring it will give you a good resale you.

Buy the trendy Jewellery:
Exchange for the designs that are attractive and can be worn anytime irrespective of occasions. The design should elegant and should embellish your beauty with shine.

So in a nutshell, you should consider above-given points while exchanging your old gold with a new one to get the most benefits in terms of money and satisfaction too as gold is such an exorbitant element not to be careless about.


In this fast-moving world, where 24 hrs aren’t enough to get done with every day’s work, women try to fit all their tasks including taking extra efforts to look good within this time frame. This is when light weight jewellery comes into the picture. Below given are 6 routine tasks which can be made more interesting with the right pair of jewellery.

Work Wear:
We all dread Mondays, however, we can obviously change it in a very simple way! Pick your favorite attire and accessorize it with the pair of alluring light weight jewels. Try our stud collection. The resembling jewel ring and the curvish diamond earring will be a great choice.


Shopping wear:
Jazz this routine up a little by teaming up your casual outfit with simple, light and fun piece of earrings like this enchanting Drops and Hoops. A pair of The Aakesha Earrings will add radiance to your shopping look.

Weekend nights:
Make your weekend nights colorful by adding some gleam to it. Zing it up a by adding a tiny pair of studs to go with your casual outfit. The compassion earring will be the perfect companion for you for your weekend night.

Meetings at School:
Every child believes that their mom is the most beautiful lady in this world. While attending your child’s meeting, wear a nice pretty outfit and add the touch of elegance to your look by wearing the simple and classy pair of earrings. Meet the teachers and receive compliments on your child’s performance and your look.


Fitness time:
You work out to be fit and look good but what if we told you, you can look good while working out? It’s the right time to bring in revolution and fade away the stereotypical gym look by wearing the perfect light accessories which make you look stylish and won’t get in the way of your workout session. Try our Helical Diamond earring or The Variegated Earring which will give you a perfect look for your gym time.

Study time at College:
Do not make your classes dull by dressing up and ornamenting the right way. Wear an amazing outfit with the lovely pair of earrings. Not too fancy, simple yet elegant. Try our Leesa Diamond Earring Intricately studded with a drop shaped diamond, carved to give you an academic look.


The motto behind exchanging gold/smallest gold jewellery is to give you a trendy look with the latest style of designs which the jewellery market has. It can also make your day to day activities more interesting. If we talk about earrings, though a small pair of jewels, but can make a big difference in your look. Let us discuss the importance of earrings in the day to day life.

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