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Will LG G7 Run on a Oreo Latest Android Version?




LG G6 – an excellent device. Yes, outwardly it is an ordinary glass-metal bar without design delicacies, but the “long” screen unambiguously refers it to a new generation of smartphones that remain comfortable and compact with the display diagonal increasing to 5.7 inches or more.

Another modish upcoming smartphone of LG is going to substitute its predecessor and perhaps, the Galaxy S8 as well. The LG G7, releasing next year in January with a stunning display – bendable screen, 5.8” 4K OLED screen protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

The capacity of the LG G6 battery is 3300 mAh. I had enough of this with a good margin for a full-fledged use day – by the night the indicator never fell below the 20-percent mark. In the HD-video playback mode at 50% brightness, the smartphone extended 9 hours 10 minutes.

A full charge from scratch with a native adapter with Qualcomm support Quick Charge 3.0 takes about 1 hour 45 minutes. It is expected that LG G7 will be blessed with Non-removable Li-Po 4000mAh battery capacity which will last for more than two days.


The LG G6 camera has two 13-megapixel sensors, one of the lenses is standard, the other is ultra-wide (the viewing angle of 125 degrees is not a joke). The first is a relatively standard smartphone lens with an aperture of f / 1.8, supplemented by a phase autofocus and an optical stabilization system. The second (aperture f / 2.4) is perfect for shooting landscapes and architecture (the ensemble of some medieval square in Spain has the chance to fit into the whole frame) but does not have either optical stabilization or autofocus.

Yes, on other phones the same “wide-angle” is achieved using panoramic shooting, but not in all situations it is possible to apply it. You can switch between the lenses with the on-screen buttons, but you can smoothly zoom and remove the picture, spreading and pulling your fingers on the screen. Unlike the iPhone 7 Plus.

The rumors suggest that the upcoming LG G7 will enhance the beauty of your picture with its realistic camera quality having wonderful ultra-vivid colors, autofocus and optical stabilization with a 12MP front camera and 22MP Dual-lens primary camera. In addition to this, Dolby vision and HDR0 will be retained in this flagship offering expanded sharpness and great contrast.


Interface and software features
LG G6 goes on sale with Android 7.0 – despite the fact that the most current version of the mobile platform Google, already available for Pixel and Nexus smartphones, is 7.1.2. Not those users risked missing important functions. Rather, the question is how much time will pass between the release of the new numbered version of Android and its appearance on the LG G6.

You can focus on the experience of the previous flagship: LG G5 in Europe and the US began to receive Android 7.0 in December 2016, four months after the “nexus” with a clean version of the operating system, and the update was completed only by February 2017.

The last year’s flagship G4 in LG at first refused to update to Android 7.0 and only when the owners of the devices were outraged. According to an Investor, LG G7 will hit the market with a latest Android Version 8.0 which will run the flagship more smoothly.



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