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The PLC panel manufacturers in India perform various operational steps to deliver excellence in product. And in the case of such panels, the steps can be followed manually or with the help of a controller.

In late 60’s, the sequencing operations were done by using a panel of wires for particular job or operation. Just like other machines, these programs also came with drawbacks. The user faced difficulty in reprogramming the production and troubleshooting as well.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is discovered to avoid the drawbacks. In PLC, the sequence is not hardwired and can be programmed easily. The codes and programming and can be stored in a memory.

The working principle of PLC panels:

These panels handle binary inputs and outputs related to logic statements. The binary inputs derived from limit switches, push buttons and other things based on the define temperature value, pressure and related terms. The binary output activates the output devices like valves, servomotors, etc. The function of controller is to check the status of every input and perform logic functions accordingly in the central processing unit. The performance is based on the stored programming for generating desired binary output.

In India, several plc panel manufacturers India are giving tough competition to their rivals in the market. Due to the list of features offered by PLC devices, these panels have raised their demand at international platform as well. The certain features include:

A commonly used programmable logic controller has multi-digit alpha-numeric display that shows timer values, process parameters, counter values, fault messages, etc. These panels are constructed with powerful instruction set. Also, it involves high speed counter input.

The benefits of PLC panels:

  • 80% reduction in wiring as compared to conventional control system.
  • Lesser power consumption.
  • Self-diagnostic features help in easy and fast system troubleshooting.
  • Perform operation in millisecond timeframe.
  • Single panel can be used for regulating multiple applications
  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Perform reliable operations

Hence, with the huge list of benefits, PLC panel manufacturers also enjoy the huge list of clientele in India and across the globe.

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