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How To Use GRP Pipe In Wastewater Systems



FRP and GRP materials have been used by manufacturing companies for producing piping solutions for industrial clients. FRP gratings manufacturers supply their piping solutions to wastewater system industry, mining, construction, and other areas. In this post, experts will cover the uses of GRP pipes in wastewater applications and why they are applied to it.

GRP or glass reinforced plastic and FRP or fiber reinforced plastic are materials used to descried a vast range of composite materials. A GRP is a composite that uses fiberglass as the reinforcement and other resins as the matrix.

Facts about Fiberglass
There are certain things that you should know if you want to know about the FRP material. We have got some facts about fiberglass and we are sharing them in this post:

↣ Modern glass fiber was discovered by Russel Games Slayster of Owens-Corning in 1938.
↣ Glass is kept in liquefied state in a large vat and then pulled out through die’s to create fibers. These fibers are bundled into rovings by manufacturers.
↣ The fiberglass is used as a reinforcement material in plastic products by manufacturing units.
↣ The first GRP products were aircraft parts designed by Owens-Corning in 1942.
↣ The first underground fuel storage tank was installed in 1964, in Chicago.
↣ The first GRP pipes were made by a number of manufacturers in 1960’s. The first pipes were filament wound.
↣ The first quality standards for design and manufacture of GRP products were intended by ASTM in 1978.

GRP resins are classified into three types- Polyester, Vinyl ester, and epoxy resins.
Manufacturers produce short fiber-based products by centrifugal casting. This process is affordable and they can achieve high filler content. With sand, chalk, or other filler, they design thick walls that make pipes stiffer.

Major advantages of using GRP and FRP pipes:
FRP or fiber reinforced plastic pipes are durable and have longer life span compared to normal metal pipes. You don’t really need investment to maintain these FRP pipes in entire lifecycle. These are light weight and can be install with an ease. Easy installation means you don’t need a team of professionals for installing these pipes. You can do it your own with one or two persons.

FRP Gratings Manufacturers are supplying their range to the worldwide industries. You can rely on them and get affordable deals that suit your requirements.

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