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How To Measure Humidity In Test Chamber?



Humidity and temperature affect every substance and material in some way. Due to this reason, the need of temperature and humidity test chamber is gaining more attention. These chambers or spaces may be small or large and may or may not handle environmental parameters as well. Selecting RH measurement devices for usage in temperature and humidity chambers need proper evaluation.

There is no “one design for all” approach that will work and satisfy all the needs of chamber users and manufacturers. Apart from the common issues of temperature range and humidity range, there are a lot more factors that you need to consider.

For instance, you need to measure RH over entire temperature operating range of the humidity chamber. You need to check whether condensation will form inside the chamber, you need to ensure whether unusual or aggressive gases will be there in the chamber or will the chamber run near 100% RH for extended duration?


You need to think about these conditions while starting your search for RH measurement. Here are some more factors to consider while measuring humidity in testing chamber.

Continuous High Humidity
Environments that run near or at saturation are hard for humidity sensors. You can get precise temperature measurements in saturated environments with wet bulb. However, wet bulbs need constant maintenance and are less effective when the chamber also operate at high temperatures or in low RH conditions.

Aggressive Gases
RH sensors come into contact with the gas that is measured by them. Manufacturers produce RH sensors from distinct materials, and if the functional elements of a sensor make alterations to the properties due to contacting incompatible gases, this results in loss of measurement accuracy and sensor drift.

Over Dry Environment
Some environmental tests are made for lower humidity. Manufacturers have designed specialized instruments that can reliably measure humidity levels as low as -80 degree Celsius dew point.

Checking High RH
It is critical to check chambers for correct operation when the humidity level is high. This becomes tough to perform when the chamber is operating at conditions that create a dew point temperature higher than ambient temperature.


For more details on temperature and humidity test chamber, you may contact manufacturers and suppliers of your town today. You may share your thoughts or ask queries in comments. Feedback for this article is open for all. Ask other readers about their experiences with these chambers.

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