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How To Manage Quality In Cosmetics Contract Manufacturing?



Cosmetics Contract Manufacturing

There are countless benefits that you can avail from cosmetics contract manufacturing. Cost reduction, efficient allocation of resources, and more agile response to transformation in business strategy are a few ones.

Yet just like the bright side, contract manufacturing also has its dark side that only experienced people know. It also poses risks for quality functions in regulated industries where products come under extra scrutiny. It is a responsibility of the organization to assess the right risks and check with contract manufacturing partners whether they are performing as per their expectations or not.

The level of risk of contract manufacturer should explain the depth of quality’s involvement, so that the function can keep up the quality standards high while saving the finance and strategic advantages of the partnership.

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There are some steps that you may consider to enhance the management of your relationships with your contract manufacturer. We will discuss them in this post-

#1. Create a criteria list to assess contract manufacturers
The list includes both your company’s internal standards and external criteria, such as FDA regulations. You need to cinsider certain factors like manufacturing principles, safety and environmental criteria, quality management systems, and standards for testing of products.

#2. Contract manufacturers requirement to secure approval on major changes
You should include a clause in the contracts that needs contract manufacturers to re-apply for approval in case they want to use a new facility or work with new subcontractor.

#3. Make modifications in your assessment of contract manufacturers as per the risks involved
It requires time to assess contract manufacturers completely, so work with Procurement to determine which contract manufacturers pose the major risk to your organization.

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#4. Track performance
You must track performance of the team to ensure contract manufacturers are doing their job as per the standards. Companies usually take a combination of four approaches to track performance – assessments, non-comfortable metrics, sampling/testing, and monthly performance reports.

#5. Assist them in improving
Monitoring contract manufacturer’s performance will help you in determining the areas that require certain improvement, for instance- to become more efficient, to create a new product, or to develop new capabilities.

#6. System management for information
It is critical to track relevant information, whether you use a series of spreadsheets or perform data integration into existing systems.

If your cosmetics contract manufacturing requirements meet the standards, you can continue as a partner with your contract manufacturer.

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How To Set Foundation Without Powder For Oily Skin



Tips For Oily Skin

Most women desire a natural and young beauty, and they are interested in how to set foundation without powder. However, they usually feel unconfident with a matte finish in makeup without powder. In this article, we just focus on various tips on how to set foundation without powder for oily skin you should know. These following secrets will make your foundation makeup look as natural as possible.

Why do women prefer a matte skin without powder?
Light dewy makeup style becomes a new trend in recent years. The makeup style makes you younger and improves your natural beauty a lot. There are many reasons for the emerging makeup trend. However, two following contributory factors of this makeup style will answer the above question. Specifically, light dewy makeup style makes you look naturally beautiful but still shows your youth and vitality. Besides, in others’ eyes, you will look more your and become feminine in the new version of makeup. For people with oily skin; however, never use powder but get proper foundation is not easy. Therefore, below guides on how to set foundation without powder are effective for you.

How To Set Foundation Without Powder For Oily Skin

Step 1: Choose The Right Foundation For Your Skin
Learn about to apply proper foundation is the first step to know how to set foundation without powder but still achieve the natural beauty. For those with oily skin, you should choose pore-blurring, mattifying and oil-control foundation which will deliver to your skin a smooth, lightweight layer of color.  Applying the kind of foundation also protects your makeup from sweat, sun, or even humidity. When you choose the powder foundation type, you need to rub it on your wrist or your arm to know what the shade is instead of testing it in natural light. Apply a perfect foundation shade will make your makeup more flawlessly natural. The best matching foundation shade you choose will work well in seasonal changes as well as surrounding temperature.

Step 2: Choose a fairer shade for your tone in winter
The skin tone is under various conditions throughout four seasons. So, you often care about your seasonal shade changes because the skin tone and condition never stays the same. More specifically, our complexion will become lighter in summer, and it seems to be pale in winter. In this case, the best tip for you is choosing a fairer shade. Then, you can easily combine it with a liquid foundation which contains golden tones.

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Step 3: Clean Your Face
Clean your skin before applying makeup is very important. This step will help your skin clean and easier to apply foundation. Especially for oily skin, a cleanser which is suitable for your skin will clean dust, oil on the skin but not irritate your skin. It also moisturizes your skin while cleaning. Clean your face gently in a circular motion with your fingertips and then rinse it off the lukewarm water. Finally, leave it dried naturally.

Step 4: Apply Rose Water Facial Toner
The purpose of using rose water facial toner is to brush off remaining dead skin cells, makeup, dust and even other bacteria. This step also helps to remove wrinkle and spots around your eyes, control oil level on your skin and tighten your pores. So if you want to set a perfect foundation, you cannot miss this tip. Dap a small cotton ball into some rose water and gently rub it all over your face.

Step 5: Apply Milk As Skin Moisturizer
Although applying rose water can clean and tighten your skin, it also dries your skin. Therefore, moisturizing the skin before your makeup is also necessary. This step will not only remove excess oil, acne, and blackheads but also make your skin smooth. You should use magnesia milk to moisturize your skin because it contains natural ingredients which do not irritate your skin. After applying rose water toner for 5 minutes, you just apply a thin layer of milk on your face with a small cotton ball.

Leave it dry and then apply another layer.
Repeat this 3-4 times for 20 minutes.
Finally, rinse your face with cool water and leave it dry naturally.

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Step 6: Prime Your Skin
A primer is really necessary for your makeup. It helps you to deal with skin condition including oil, pigmentation, and blemishes. However, do you know how to set foundation without powder for oily skin when applying a primer? In fact, a right and perfect primer will help your skin become more glowy because it can cover your enlarged pores partly. We recommend you should choose a primer which has silicon because this option can keep your long-lasting makeup without using powder.

Dab your favorite primer all over your face, especially on acne or wrinkle areas.
Gently dab it on the areas with a small and clean beauty brush
You can also dab it with your clean fingers and massage it into the areas

Step 7: Apply makeup as usual
You just apply your makeup as usual after you prepare your skin properly. Better preparation for your skin before applying your makeup will perfect your makeup eventually.

Other Guides on How to Set Foundation Without Powder For Oily Skin

Never Apply Foundation With Your Fingers

Many people believe that using the fingers will help them to apply foundation easily.  However, you should not follow this tip. Your fingers are full of dirt and bacteria so that it can cause acne. Moreover, your fingers do not work well in diffusing foundation. If you want to use your fingers while setting foundation, be sure to clean them.

Use a synthetic flat-topped and round brush when you set foundation
According to makeup experts, it is easier and quicker for you to disperse your makeup with a synthetic flat-topped and round brush. Whether your foundation is cream, liquid or powder, the use of a synthetic flat-topped and round brush is your best friend for a perfect foundation application.

Tap the brush’s bristles on your skin areas which need extra coverage in a patting motion
Use a circular motion for areas which need less coverage
Then, you just use beauty blending sponge to perfect your coverage.

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How To Maintain Your Glowing And Healthy Skin After Your Makeup

Maintain a healthy eating habit
Balanced diets not only keep you healthy but also leave you a glowing skin. It contributes positively to how to set foundation without powder perfectly. Fruits and vegetables can maintain your skin elasticity. You should not eat spicy food and drink beverages which contain alcohol.

Keep your beauty brush clean
After using a foundation brush, you should clean it regularly (a week at least) and keep it in a refrigerator.

Use Daily Moisturizer SPF 25
You should use daytime moisturizer with SPF 25 to save your skin from UV before applying makeup

The information mentioned above gives you some useful guides on how to set foundation without powder for oily skin. You only grasp some tips get a perfectly solid foundation for your makeup.

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Author: tips on how to set foundation without powder for oily skin

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Ayurvedic Hot Oil Therapy for Hair Fall Issue



Hair Fall

Are you suffering from hair loss? Ayurvedic hair oil manufacturers have a solution. Your hair become brittle and dry due to many reasons and this condition is enough to make you bald. Dry and rough hair is prone to breakage and split-ends and you have to protect them from sun exposure. There is a hot oil therapy that improves the condition of dull-looking hair. In Ayurveda, there are hot oil massages for body and head.

In the treatment, professionals trigger some specific points known as ‘marma’ on the head and body to enhance the flow of energy. These points are massaged gently during the ayurvedic head massage to make hair healthy and make you relax.

When you massage your scalp with warm oil, preferably, infused with ayurvedic herbs, it nourishes your scalp and hair. It also gives a soothing feel to your nervous system. You can even avail customized oil for your hair and body type.

Some tips you can follow when choosing massage oil-

  • A person with vata-predominant constitution can pick almond or sesame oil as base oil. Such people have dry and frizzy hair that are prone to split-ends. These oil nourish the scalp and hair and reduce stiffness and tightness of the scalp.
  • Person with pitta-predominant can select coconut oil as base oil. Such people have fine hair prone to graying or premature thinning. Coconut oil provides cooling effect and retard hair thinning and premature graying.
  • Person with kapha-predominant can pick olive oil or sesame oil. Such people have thick and oily hair. Olive oil holds purifying properties that don’t clog your scalp pores.

A list of ayurvedic herbs used by manufacturers to prepare hair oils is as under-

  • Brahmi
  • Amalaki
  • Bhringaraj
  • Hibiscus
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Neem

Major benefits of applying and massaging with warm oil –

  • Best conditioner
  • Treat flaky scalp
  • Enhance blood circulation in the head and neck area
  • Make you relax and calm
  • Strengthens and nourishes hair roots
  • Make hair softer and shiny
  • Protect hair from sunlight and harsh weather
  • Reduces body heat
  • Treat insomnia

Ayurvedic hot oil therapy works on every one. You just need to find which base oil will work for you. You can get the suitable hair oil from ayurvedic hair oil manufacturers in your town. They will provide you best quality and pure herbal oils for skin and hair.

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Beauty hacks you can do on your wedding day



Wedding is the most beautiful day for everyone’s life and takes lots of planning. A perfect wedding planning needs preparation like selecting wedding cards, venue, catering etc.  You know the saying.. if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Don’t get stuck in a sticky situation on your day—keep these 5 tricks in your back pocket and you’ll be able to make your way out of any potential beauty disaster.

  1. Get a Brighter Smile

Are those cups of coffee and occasional glasses of red wine the only thing getting you through the last few weeks of wedding planning? Then chances are you’ll probably have a few unwanted stains on your pearly whites right before it’s time for your wedding photos. For a quick fix, dip a damp tooth brush into some baking soda and then add your tooth paste. The combination of tooth paste and baking soda works together to lift stains and whiten your teeth.

  1. Fake fuller lips

Get instantly plumper lips when you add a few drops of essential peppermint oil to your lip gloss. As you re-apply throughout the day it will give your pout that “just-bitten” lift, plus it acts like a breath freshener when you’re in a pinch.

  1. Make your perfume last all day

If you really want your scent to last all day, rub in a layer of Vaseline on each of your pulse points before you spray your perfume. The petroleum jelly creates a barrier so the fragrance will sit on the surface instead of sinking into your skin and dissolving.

  1. Fix any makeup disaster

Your makeup trial went off without a hitch, but somehow your beauty look on your wedding day wasn’t quite what you expected. Keep in mind that your makeup artists know what they’re doing, and usually what looks like a lot of makeup in person will actually appear really smooth and subtle on camera. But if you just can’t behind all that bronzer or tons of blush caked onto your cheeks, use a sheer powder to blend out any imperfections and diffuse harsh lines so your makeup will look more natural.

  1. De-puff Sleep Deprived Eyes

Tossing and turning all night? Don’t let it show! Steep two tea bags in a mug of hot water for three to five minutes, then let them cool in the fridge for 20 minutes. Squeeze out excess water, lay down and place the tea bags on your eyes for 15 to 30 minutes. The caffeine in the green tea can help shrink blood vessels around your eyes, reducing puffiness and dark circles.

  1. Get rid of oily scalp in a matter of minutes

Use baby powder to get rid of oily scalp. It fixes up your oily hair in a few minutes when you do not have time to take a wash.

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