How To Extend USB Cables with Phone Jacks?

Manufacturers have started making shorter USB Extension Cables nowadays. While most of the people are tired of these cables, experts have got a way to extend these shorter length cables. You just need to gain soldering skills to extend the shorter length USB cables.

You need to look into your store room where several old phone cables lying around (four pin kind). If you don’t have any, you can easily buy them from the shops that sell telephones. These are affordable and easily available in the market. You can even try online stores for bulk order. The most important thing you should know is the soldering. We are using soldering technique in this tutorial.

Materials Required
You will require soldering equipment, heat shrink tubing, electrical tape, cutting pliers or wire strippers, the USB cable you want to extend, and regular telephone cable. You must check that the telephone cable you have should consist four pins.


Things To Be Done at First
Start cutting the USB cable in half directly. By doing this, you can easily chop the wrongly made cut and you will still left with cable to work with.
Cut off the connectors as close to the connector as possible of your phone cable.
You can now strip the cables and take off the outer jacket only to expose the inner wires using the cutting pliers. If there is a need to cut into one of wires, chop the rest off and strip the next cable section.
Solder the cable. Solder each wire of the cable to one wire of the phone cable until every wire is soldered. Mark the colors you matched up and solder one wire at a time on the other side, while checking the previous color match ups.
Once the soldering process is done, wrap around each soldered connection using electrical tape to ensure no bare wire is exposed. If you are using heat shrink tubing, slide it up over the connections and shrink it. You can use electrical tape as alternative to wrap the exposed wire.

By following these five easy steps, you can make your shorter USB Extension Cables longer using telephone wire. If you want more info on wires and cables, kindly contact the manufacturers and suppliers today. You can get extension cables and wires at reasonable rates from them.

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