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How To Choose Right Brass Connectors and Manufacturers!



Over the years, brass has gained popularity in the electrical and plumbing industries. There is no need to explain the properties that make brass a desirable choice and a lot has already been written about this. This article will focus on brass connectors and provide details regarding the popular uses of brass connectors, types of brass connectors, and factors that you should consider while selecting a manufacturer.

Uses of Brass Connectors
In electrical domain, connectors are used in fittings for joining the wires to the terminal. A connector can be made of a variety of metals. But, brass is commonly used because of its premium qualities.

Types of Brass Connectors
Brass Connectors usually have a common use but different components require connectors of different sizes and finish. Here, we will discuss One-Way Brass Connectors and Two-Way Brass Connectors. One-way brass connectors allow fitting to be made through one passage only whereas two-way connectors allow dual-side fittings. Apart from these, brass connectors are also classified on the basis of the finishes, material, and ampere withstanding capabilities. We will discuss these in detail in the next section.

Considerations While Choosing a Brass Connector
Brass connectors are available in different varieties and depending on your use, you can select the one that is a best fit. Let’s look at some features of brass connectors.
↣ These are available in ampere range of 5 to 25.
↣ These are created using different compositions like Free Cutting Brass IS 319 or BS 249, etc.
↣ These are finished and coated using elements like tin, nickel, etc.

Depending on the manufacturer’s operation area and expertise, brass connectors can be customized. If you have a bulk requirement of a certain specification that is not standard, there are many manufacturers who can go out of the way to fulfill that requirement.

Considerations While Choosing a Brass Connector Manufacturer
There are many brass connectors manufacturers across the world and you are faced with a difficult situation of choosing one. Although, it seems like a daunting task but with a few questions, you will be able to quickly eliminate the ones that are not a right fit for you. So, here is the list.
↣ Does the manufacturer cater to your area and meet your Country’s/State’s manufacturing guidelines?
↣ Is your manufacturer certified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO)?
↣ Does the manufacturer have the infrastructure to handle your order?
↣ Does the manufacturer have a good reputation when it comes to delivering quality products on time?
↣ Can the manufacturer customize products if your requirements are not as per the standard available products?

While these are just some questions that will help you narrow down the choices, you will obviously take care of the other crucial aspects like cost, quality, etc. Also, as a responsible dweller of the planet Earth, a thoughtful consideration to the environment-friendliness of the manufacturer is the least that you can do. Even if it costs a little more, make sustainable choices and support those who do.

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