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How Social Media & Digital Marketing Tactics Can Boost SEO Rankings



Indeed, there’s a plethora of search engine optimization (SEO) jobs in the Philippines today. From content creation, to link building, to social media specialization, there’s particularly a wide array of areas that completes the entirety of SEO.

Though, why social media?
While people may not be familiar with the processes of SEO, we’d like to give a few points on how social media became a vital part of SEO and how it actually helps boost SEO rankings.

It helps you gain quality back-links
In SEO, link building is a common technique that is being used in order to gain favorable, quality backlinks from authoritative websites. One way to do so is to publish guest posts, and share your content from your social media accounts, also referred to as ‘social media marketing.’ In fact, plenty of digital marketers today are using these 5 Digital Marketing Tactics in order to boost their rankings since people are most likely to hang out on specific social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The process is quite simple: create quality and engaging content, publish it, and share it on your social media. If people finds it useful and informative, you’ll gain a number of shares, and then opportunities such as websites linking to your content.

It helps build a stronger audience base
Again, since people are mostly found in social media, these platforms can serve a perfect place to encourage audience from reading and sharing your content. However, there should also be a consideration should you plan to do so; your target audience may not be present at all different social media platforms, hence, it’s not particularly recommended to create accounts on various social media sites.

Build an account on a specific social media platform where your target audience mostly hang outs. This will help you build not only a wide audience base, but also a strong one. It will also help you reach the audience that you aim to market to, and build awareness through click-through rates. Take this scenario for instance, if people are more aware of your brand [through social media shares], they are most likely to rely on you when searching for information related to your product or industry. Hence, regardless of other sites ranking on SERPs, people are most likely to choose familiar and trusted sites when searching in search engines like Google and Bing.

It increases brand awareness through branded search queries
While this may not be specifically focused on boosting SEO rankings, the benefit of becoming more recognized in the digital space (also, brand awareness) is similarly significant.

The logic is simple: when your brand has already built a reputation on social media, this can help strengthen your brand awareness over the Web. Take this for example, since people are already familiar with the shoe brand Vans, they will not only input broad keywords such as ‘slip-ons’ because in the first place, they already know what to search for. Hence, the keyword ‘Vans slip-ons’ instead. This, then, results to high search ranks with non-branded keywords.

Key Takeaway
Indeed, social media is a huge part of SEO. And as highlighted in this article, in order to make use of these perks, it’s important to secure your content’s quality first before strategist with social media. Because once you have your content ready for audience engagement and social sharing, you’ll definitely be able to conquer social media and boost your SEO rankings.