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How SEO helps in Reputation management



SEO Reputation Management

You might have spent years in building your name and business in the market but even a small negative dent can spoil all your efforts in no time. Even the simplest things like a negative review about your product or services in a blog can prove harmful big time, especially when all your market competitors are waiting to snatch up your customers by any means. One of the best ways out of it is an efficient Online Reputation management strategy along with a reliable search engine optimization (SEO) process alongside.

SEO Reputation Management

The Process of Viral Negative stories

To get a deep through into the whole concept, we must take an example of the Viral news about ‘’Mentos” candy which was very popular amongst the kids and youth across the globe. It was been reported by few people that when mixed with Cola, the same results in a Mini explosion. This news got viral in no time and the same got transferred and communicated from every section of society, state or city to the other via whatsapp, facebook and Twitter. The Impact was that huge that the company which used to manufacture ‘Mentos” that it got huge losses in revenues over the period of time and need to circulate a commercial stating that the same is not the case with their product. Such is the impact of a single Negative content online.

Role of SEO in Reputation management

It doesn’t matter if it’s you or your connections which are feeling the heat out of Online Reputation management issues, the most relevant part would still be the keyword selection as you don’t want to keep optimizing the same keywords used earlier for your respective marketing purposes. Moreover, there would be different keywords which would come into play this time. While it’s quite obvious that the negative content would largely comprise of all the keywords related to your brand name or product name, you would definitely be looking forward to focus your SEO efforts on those specific keywords. This would push up the keyword based positive content in order to suppress the negative content Online.

The Link Building impact

Just like the SEO process helps in the process of online reputation management via keywords search, it can also help big time in suppressing the negative stuff online through Link building process. As link building helps in optimizing a particular page or website in the SEO process, it can also does the same to all your positive and supportive news or blog on the web. Your strategy should be to optimize the same positive stuff as much as possible through efficient link building and also ensuring that the content of the same blog or website gets updated on a regular basis by putting as much fresh content as possible.

In a nutshell

If we talk about Internet, communication flows here faster than anything. People generally pick what’s there on the first page and top of the search results. SEO plays a key role in reputation management, as it can eliminate  negatives and boost positives on the SERPs which matter most in the long run.

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