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Characteristics and Applications of Different Types of Greases




Greases and lubricants are the kind of emollients, which we widely use lubricate all types of machines. Despite performing the same function, both of them differ from each other. Grease consists of 0 to 95% base oil which can be synthetic, mineral or vegetable and 0 to 10% additives like thickeners, dyes and whiteners. It strongly binds with the metallic surface that needs to be lubricated. Grease is insoluble in water, it lasts longer and create a waterproof barrier and provide protection against dust, heat and solvents. However, it will decompose and separate out the thickener if temperature exceeds more than 300°F.

Grease manufactures in Dubai defines grease as a lubricant made from mineral oil, thickeners like lithium and aluminium based soaps. Instead of these primary components, it also contains additional emollients like molybdenum, graphite, disulfide and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, Teflon). Once they applied, they adhere to the surface and reduce corrosion and mechanical wear and tear. Greases come in a wide range of consistencies. You may find the one with ketchup-thin texture to thick texture like cheddar cheese.

Here I am sharing few important kinds of chemically different grease and their applications.

Aluminum Complex
Excellent capabilities to stand against high temperature significantly increase it dropping point to 500°F.  Besides thermal stability, it has excellent tolerance for water and mechanical wear. Aluminum grease works very well as additive and enhances machine performance after inhibiting oxidation and rust. It is commonly used as emollient in food machinery.

Bentone (Clay)
Made from unique blend of highly viscous solvent extracted from refined paraffin base oil and thickened with absorbent called Bentonite clay (aluminium phyllosilicate clay), Bentone is non-soapy grease, which stands against the extremely high temperature of more than 300°F.  Bentone is first treated with a polar activator to develop an electrical charge, which will help it hold base oil in suspension form. Excellent water resistance and temperature stability make it an ideal choice at extremely high temperatures. Bentone Clay is commonly used in fans, plastic injection moulders, underground mining and plumber blades.

Calcium Grease
Calcium base greases are made from hydrated lime and fatty material. They possess excellent water resistance and available at moderate prices, which makes them a popular choice. They can’t be used at high temperature. They start showing deterioration if temperature exceeds from 150°F.

Lithium (12-Hydroxy Stearate) Grease
It is listed among multipurpose emollients; lithium has a buttery texture with excellent stability at a temperature around 350°F and excellent resistance to water, breakdown and softening during working. It has a wide range of applications. In fact, lithium grease possesses all desirable characteristics users are seeking.

Lithium Complex
It’s a newer version of lithium soap greases, which has many properties of pure lithium greases. Instead of lithium soaps, it also has an additional thickening component called complexing agent, which is a shorter di-functional carboxylic acid like azelaic acid or adipic acid. Though it present in low concentration, it significantly enhances dropping point to 500°F. In simple words, it becomes capable of tolerating high temperature as compared to traditional lithium greases.

Polyurea Grease
Polyurea is recently formulated grease, which doesn’t use conventional soap thickeners. With high dropping point, this lubricant tolerates high temperatures of 470°F. Chemical composition, good water and heat resistance and pumpability make it a good option for food machinery and electric motors.

Endnote: These are few popular types of grease manufactures in Dubai are making to execute diversified consumer needs.

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