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Google Pixel 3: Facts, Rumors, Prices and Release Date



Google Pixel 3

All that is known about future smartphones from Google, and even a survey of Pixel owners about the degree of satisfaction with devices that buried the magnificent Nexus.

What is known about Google Pixel 3?
This assumption is confirmed by the statement of Google’s senior vice president Rick Osterloh (Rick Osterloh) that in 2017 the company will introduce new Pixel smartphones. Trend will continue in 2018 as well.

Google Pixel 3 will come in three sizes
The first generation of “pixels” was represented by Pixel models with a diagonal of 5 inches and Pixel XL with a 5.5-inch screen, and the same is following with Google Pixel 2 model. Next year we are more likely to see three new Google phones at once. Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 XXL.

Google Pixel 3 will not get a 3.5-millimeter connector
Google deliberately focused on the presence of a headphone jack in the first generation of Pixel. Obviously, only the laziest manufacturers did not then beat the controversial decision of Apple for the PR of their products, but time is running, trends are changing, so the abandonment of the “outdated” mini-jack in new gg-phones becomes more and more likely.

This is the payment of consumers for the desire to get the most slim, light, but long-playing device. However, we are sure there will be a considerable number of people who disagree with the justification of this trend.


Google Pixel 3 will be powerful
Judging by the benchmark of the same, presumably being the largest representative of the future Google Phone line, Google Pixel 3 will receive eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon with a frequency of 1.9 GHz (probably Snapdragon 845) and 6 GB of RAM.

Google Pixel 3: Benchmark
Given the universal popularity of VR, as well as the active promotion of the company’s own VR-platform Daydream, the new Google Pixel will certainly receive screens with high resolution and higher pixel density, which will well affect the quality of images when using accessories for virtual reality.


Google Pixel user survey: how do you get a smartphone?
Since the release of the “pixels” has passed 1 months. Then an article appeared on source stating why you should not buy Google Pixel which met a strong stream of criticism. In particular, a large number of readers disagreed with the following objective shortcomings of new Google Phone:

  • Obsolete, inarticulate design.
  • Inability to compete with iPhone and Samsung flagships.
  • Transition to an exclusively premium niche without providing an alternative to dedicated Nexus users.
  • No significant improvements in the new versions of Android.
  • Participation in a senseless performance race that has long exceeded the real needs of users.


Controversial quality of the camera.
In addition to obvious disadvantages at the start of sales, Google Pixel has seen serious hardware and software problems that a certain number of users have encountered.


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