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Electric Junction Box is Not Just a Box!



Electric junction box

In a simple theory a box consist of so many electric wires, outlets, switches and data hooks is called a junction box. This however is a very important part of electric wiring system in any building whether it is a home, industry or an office. It serves its purpose in several roles like,

Controlling box is used to feed by the main power breaker to join all the wires of a particular wiring area i.e. Rooms and halls. Junction boxes have a place behind dry walls or panels as per their serviceable areas.

These boxes can be of metal or plastic and comes in different sizes depends on their purpose of holding number of wires.

Junction boxes are useful in several types of electrical installations in a place where the size of electricity consumption can vary in some instruments. An electrical junction is used to be the key of wiring to the main power break grid for the new installations as it has direct connections from the power grid sources.

Installation of an electric junction box is needed to make sure no electric wire splices are shown outside of an approved enclosure. A junction box is to be mounted securely to house framing or the place having splice. These boxes must have clamps if need to cover more than two wires at a single box.  A junction box must have an enclosure to cover the splices completely and should be accessible all the time and should not be covered with paint dry wall cement concrete or anything alike to serve their purpose of being in reach when needed.

To install a junction box one needs to have proper tools with the knowledge of their use. These tools are voltage tester, electric junction box with cover, screwdriver, hammer (in case of mounting metal box), cable clamps, pliers, drill driver and screw, wood screw, wire strippers and wire connectors.

Now to install the junction box one needs to make sure the power supply of that particular area you are working in is turned off from the break switch preferable from the main switch. Also make sure there is no voltage present in the wires by testing each one of them with the voltage tester.

A metal box need hammer to remove the knockouts to make spaces for the wires to enter preferably remove them with pliers once they come out.

Always use clamps to tie wires together in the electric junction box and then mount the box in its frame and cover all the splices to ensure the safety.

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