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Distinct Methods of Softening Water



Hard water is unhealthy and put negative effects on your home. Reverse osmosis plant exporters found that the minderal build up in hard water put adverse effect on your home pipes and applications and bring pore clogging issues and severe skin problems like eczema. How to soften hard water? Is there any special trick that turns or reverse the effect of hard water after treatment? Let’s go back to history.

It was started in 1903. Many alterations and modifications have been made in the process of softening hard water since then. Water Softeners played major role in that period- when an automated non-electrical water softening machine was invented.

Today, many manufacturers are making high quality water softeners, which are intended to easily fit into your home, prevent the detrimental effects of hard water and provide all the benefits of softened water.

How Does Water Softening Unit Work?

When hard water supply passes through the water softener, the technology of ion-exchange traps the harsh minerals of magnesium and calcium that cause damage to your appliances and home. Soft water is produced 24×7, which is then supplied to home pipes and heating systems, and flows out of taps and showerheads.

If you don’t have a plant to soften hard water, you can try different methods that we will share in this post.

Boil Water Before Use

Boiling your water before you use it is a great way to remove major impurities. Boiled water has same effect as softening hard water. Once boiled and cooled, you can see the visible impurities or scum on the surface and scoop them out. Or you can let it settle down to the bottom and pour off the softened water.

Use Washing Soda or Lime

Earlier, use of washing soda or lime was not uncommon. People were used to add lime and washing soda to large volume of water stored in barrels or kegs to bring softened water to the top.

After several days, harsh mineral sediment and impurities would be distilled under while soft water could be taken off from the top.

Use Filter to Your Kitchen and Bathroom Taps

To prevent the effects of hard water on cleaning, bathing and skin, you can use filter to the taps installed at your home.
However, reverse osmosis plant exporters say that all these methods are temporary. You need to invest in water softener as a permanent solution.

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