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Composite FRP Material Specialty Features to Make It Outstanding



Composite FRP material

In this post, FRP pipe manufacturers are explaining the best features posed by FRP composites that make the material outstanding and unique for use. Composite materials are the continuous or non-continuous strong fibers surrounded by a weaker matrix material. The matrix is used to distribute the fibers and convey the load to the fibers. Both the matrix and fibers are bonded during the manufacturing process and transform into composite material in the final stages while the matrix is hardened. The features of the composite materials rely on amount of matrix and reinforcements, the type of reinforcement, and the manufacturing process.

What makes FRPs so special?

Precise tolerance

  • Fabrication by closed-mould RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) allows exact tolerance of complex forms and shapes.
  • It is important to attain precise dimensional tolerance for products used by numerous industries, such as enclosures, and electronic equipment panels.

Superior-strength-to-weight ratio

  • FRP has higher strength-to-weight ratio than other materials like concrete, thermoplastics, and metals
  • FRP being light in weight is easy to install and need less equipment, manpower costs, and time.

Design flexibility

  • It is comfortable for manufacturers to achieve complex shapes with FRP materials

Cost effective

  • You require low cost for initial startup
  • The production cost of FRP products is also low

Advanced finishes

  • FRP products can be obtained in any finish, including urethane paints, gelcoats, pigmented urethane elastomers, in part prints.

Textured finishes

  • FRP manufacturers can fabricate the composite products in any texture, including dimpled, smooth, ribbed, non slip, and simulated wood or concrete.
  • The production cost of textured surfaces is low

Electrically non-conductive

  • FRPs have high dielectric strength
  • FRPs are best materials for sensitive electrical equipment


  • FRP products including pipes and cable ladder trays are dent free
  • The surface of FRP is robust and maintenance free
  • The surface has class A finish

Corrosion resistant

  • FRP is non-reactive to water or chemicals
  • FRP doesn’t corrode

Environmentally friendly

  • Closed mould fabrication of the FRP products lessens styrene emissions

UV resistant

  • FRP doesn’t respond to UV rays and high temperature

These characteristics of the FRP composites allow FRP pipe manufacturers to provide assured guarantee to their customers for the products range. This is why FRP composite products are so in demand and preferred by most consumers across the world from different industries.

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