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Cast Iron Drainage Pipework To Be Functional & Beautiful



When you think waste drainage systems you probably don’t think, ‘aesthetically pleasing’ as being at the top of the list. In fact, drainage systems are frequently ugly and detract from the look of a building. Traditional pipework has been often replaced with plastic, but with the right drainage systems providers, you can get high quality, modern standard traditional pipework that fits in with the overall look of your property.

Cast Iron Drainage – Pipework Doesn’t Have To Be Ugly To Be Functional, It Can Be Beautiful To Look At As Well

Traditional yet modern
Traditional cast iron drainage waste systems add period detailing and, compared to the majority of drainage systems, actually look quite attractive on a building. Just because this drainage system is traditional doesn’t mean it’s less effective than more modern designs, though, and iron pipework is as robust and as functional as its 21st Century plastic cousin.

Meeting British Standards and incorporating some modern materials, traditional cast iron drainage systems are highly effective, extremely durable and won’t compromise the look of your building. Look for a specialist company who provide high standard cast iron systems and you’ll find that traditional cast iron is still a perfectly viable system.

If you’re restoring or refurbishing a building that once had cast iron drainage then installing a new cast iron drainage system will give that wonderful authenticity to the building. When looking for drainage solutions, durability and long-term wear are serious considerations. Cast iron won’t be degraded by UV light – a big problem with plastics, it can withstand enormous environmental changes, won’t melt or fuel any fire and it can withstand impact from heavy weather and continuous movement from branches.

Chances are that once you install a cast iron drainage system, it’ll outlive you and is a highly reliable and resilient material.

Don’t compromise on your refurbishment
Refurbishments and restorations are usually huge projects, especially if they include replacing a drainage system. With a traditional cast iron system you can add that eye-catching attractiveness that makes a huge difference to the finish.

Why limit your restoration with plastic drainage, when cast iron will give you that timeless piece of mind from its stability and longevity plus an undeniably better look? With the right drainage company you can find traditional cast iron with modern standards that is specifically designed for a heritage project.

A company that provides this will be in a position to offer professional and practical advice and provide a service that will do your restoration justice.

Look after the fundamentals
Drainage may not be the most exciting part of a refurbishment or construction project but it is certainly an important one. Choosing cast iron is, if anything, an easy investment because you don’t want to have to deal with drainage repairs further down the line. Choosing such a strong system will allow you to rest easy for years to come.

Timeless use
Despite having its roots far back in history – cast iron is nowhere near being an outdated or defunct material. In fact, it is a very popular material and is still at the forefront of technology, with its process and component changing with the times.

You should find it easy to get all the information you require regarding its installation and maintenance by talking to a company that is dedicated to specialist cast iron drainage solutions. As it’s becoming more popular with householders, such a restoration partner shouldn’t be hard to find.

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