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Budget-friendly Ways to Decorate Your Hostel Room



Kanha Jaipur

Hostel rooms are usually very plain and simple which can be extremely dull to live in and to study in. Decorating and setting up your hostel room according to your preference is really important for you to enjoy your stay in the room. Here are some excellent budget-friendly ways to decorate your hostel room without spending a lot of money –

Fairy lights
Fairy lights are some of the cheapest and most affordable ways to decorate your room if you are on a budget. You can easily find these at your local electrician outlet or even shop for these online on e-commerce shopping websites. When you buy fairy lights in bulk, you can get a better discount on them as well and usually, the best gift shop in Jaipur also offers seasonal sales where you can buy different shapes and sizes of fairy lights at extremely affordable prices!

DIY Posters
You don’t have to spend a lot of money on posters for your room. You can easily print out your customized posters from the internet by looking for high-resolution printable pictures. Once you’ve printed these on a glossy colored ink paper, you can now go ahead and either laminate these posters or have them framed. Wooden frames might get a little expensive if you have a lot of posters to hang on the wall, so you can choose for lamination instead. You can use double-sided tape to stick the posters on the walls.

Makeup organizers
If your desk and mirror table is always filled with your makeup items thrown around, it is time to invest in a makeup organizer. Makeup organizers come in all shapes and sizes and you can find the best and most affordable one either on e-commerce websites, e-giftings websites or the best gift shop in Jaipur in your locality. Refrain from shopping for such items at the mall or the local stores because they usually mark up the prices way higher than the actual costs to cover their rent, electricity bills, and other shop expenses.

DIY Curtains
You can use up your old scarves, sarees, dupattas and other items that are bright and colorful and stitch them up together to create DIY colorful curtains for your room. They will give the entire room a beautiful bohemian vibe to it and definitely make it more colorful to stay inside and study! This will be a fun activity too which can be extremely relaxing for you. You can take your mother’s or your father’s help over a video chat in the entire stitching process so that you don’t mess up the stitch work.

Once you are done with decorating your room, take a breather and order some yummy food and dessert from Kanha Jaipur to celebrate all the hard work that you have put into decorating your room. You could also invite your hostel friends over to have them check out your room. Don’t forget to click loads of photos together in your newly decorated room to send to your family and friends back home!

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