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Responsible Things for Uses of Three Way Switches



Brass Terminal Screws

Three-way switches are one of the electrical devices made with metals like brass, have three terminals and a ground. These switches are used for controlling one circuit from two different locations.

Basically, these devices are used to turn lights on and off. Now, you will think about the specialty. Can it be installed in three different ways as the name suggests? You must be kidding if you think the same. Three-way switches work in pairs and are often combined with four-way switches to control circuit from one or more locations.

The three-way switches are compact with four brass terminal screws that connect the wires. When you hold the switch in your hand, you will notice two brass-colored terminal screws connecting common wires between two 3-way switches. Such devices are known by the name of traveler connections in the market. The darker colored screw at last terminal is used as a common connector that transmit power to the circuit.

Things that are responsible for your working switch are as below
Secure wire connection is the foremost thing for a switchboard. You need to install six inches of wire in the box to get a proper connection. Loose wire connection always welcomes fire incidents, so it’s better to connect and twist the wires with nuts.


Proper wiring is another thing to be considered. You should use a proper and correct length of wire for connections. Wire size does matter! If an outlet or circuit rated for 20 amps and you are using the wire rated for 15 amps, it’s against the safety. One should use correct rated wires to build secure and working switchboard.

Fuse and breakers are real saviors. It’s very crucial to use working fuse and breakers to avoid shot circuits. These are especially designed for protecting the wire ampacity rating and other devices that are connected with it.

The proper nailing of an electrical box should be done. Though it seems easy to do, but most of us have installed too far out of the wall. The distance goes like if you are installing 6/9” drywall on the living room wall, the face of the box should be extended 6/9” out from the wall.


Hence, these are few things that you should know and remember while installing 3-way switches at your place. These are fitted with brass terminals that can resist corrosion unlike other metals and alloys.

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