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Brass Auto Parts for Smoother Drives



Brass Auto Parts

In this modern world, having a car or a two wheeler is both a necessity and luxury.Four wheeler and two wheeler are available in the market on very affordable costs and luxurious segment cars can be bought at unimaginable price. It is said that the best way to take a journey is by your own car as you are not bound with timings and stoppage.

You can halt wherever and whenever you like depending upon your moods. However, the road journey should only be done if the vehicle you are travelling is in a well maintained condition. Going in an un-maintained vehicle can be like highway to hell as a vehicle can cause discomforts. To deal with all the major mechanical faults, major car maker use brass auto parts as the integral part of their brands mechanics.

Engineering of Brass Auto Parts
Brass auto parts are intelligently engineered keeping the other parts in mind which are required for mechanical works. Brass auto parts manufactured are mainly made by automobile companies keeping their car models into consideration and sometimes they are purchased by the other vendors who are mainly manufacturer of automobile parts. Brass auto parts like nuts, bolts, terminals, pipes are easily available in any automobile market situated in cities. These parts are manufactured with heavy duty materials and tampered enough to meet the Indian standards which is a must for any company to accept the auto parts to be used in assembling the cars mechanics.

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Brass in as alloy of zinc and copper which is corrosion free. These brass auto parts are easy to clean as they can be cleaned with normal mobile oils and are easy to unscrew with the help of tools. As many parts require greasing also these brass auto parts can bear greasing and do not get rusted easily.During the services of the vehicle they get washed and because of its rust proof nature they don’t get affected, hence the wear and tear of auto parts is less. Car is meant for all seasons and roads, hence using good quality auto parts results in long run of vehicle without any breakdowns.

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Replacements of Auto Parts
As these brass auto parts are easily available they can be easily replaced without any fuss. It doesn’t take time also as they can effortlessly be replaced without any major cost to the customer.Some customers find getting their car service done outside the company’s workshop to bring down the cost of service.By getting their car serviced outside also they can easily find the auto parts if they feel the need of some parts to be replaced.

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At last it can definitely be said that with the increase of vehicle on roads in India making or dealing in brass auto parts can be a profitable business however you need to manufacture the parts of an existing vehicle so that you may keep up with changing trends of automobile industries as vary rapidly.

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Why Choose Brass Earthing Accessories? All About Brass Earthing Accessories



Brass Earthing Accessories

Working with electronic equipment and electrical components has an inherent danger. In fact, this danger exists even in our homes. To safeguard against this, we ensure that a house has a proper earthing system. The same principle is also applied to electrical or electronic products to protect the user form electric shock. This is where brass earthing accessories come in.

What are earthing accessories?
Earthing accessories are part of an earthing system, which connects an electrical network with the earth’s conductive surface. A thick wire with low resistance is used to connect the electric device with the earth. This is the earthing system. An earthing system can have different components depending on the devise, from lightening rods to brass earthing accessories.

Earthing systems are an important security measure in any electronic system. The objective of the system is to provide an alternative path for dangerous currents that can result from a surge in power or voltage in an electrical system. The earthing system makes sure that this extra current flows into the earth’s electromagnetic plate. The extra current otherwise can cause dangerous electric shock for the user and damage to the devise.

Why Do You Need Earthing Accessories? 

Safety of human life:
The surge of voltage or current in a device will hit anyone who touches it, causing an electric shock. Most of us may have experienced some form mild electric shock at some point in our life. But at a dangerously high level, electric shock can even be fatal. Earthing systems ensure that this high current flows into the earth, protecting a user.

Safety of equipment:
The high current is not just dangerous for people. It can also blow of a fuse in the device or in the electrical system, damaging it entirely. Here again the earthing system takes out the extra current, routing it to the earth’s plate and protecting the device.

In large electrical systems there could be multiple transformers. This can cause a voltage destabilization. Earthing systems neutralize this by adding on the earth’s conductive surface.

Protection against power surge: Earthing systems are meant to protect even against unforeseen or unexpected power surges like lightning strike or contact with a high voltage source. The effect would be the same as any other heavy power surge and earthing provides an outlet for this power.

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Why choose brass earthing accessories?
Brass is a common component for earthing systems. Its unique qualities make it easy to be adapted in an earthing system. It is an alloy of copper and zinc, it combines best of both the elements. Some of the qualities that make brass so suitable for earthing systems are:

As a substitutional alloy, brass has incredible flexibility. By slight alteration of composition, we can create different type of brass alloys with slight differences of properties. We can tweak it get the kind of composition we want.

It has a higher malleability that either of its constituent elements — bronze or zinc. Depending on the precise composition, brass can have a very low melting point. This allows us to cast brass in any kind of shape we want. Manufacturers use this to create a wide rage of earthing accessories that can fit almost any construction requirement, such as clamps, connectors and earth rods.

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Shock resistance:
In earthing compositions shock resistance is critical since this is this is part of its basic functioning. Hence, shock resistant brass compositions are used in making earthing accessories. These are accessories that can withstand a high current exposure.

Corrosion resistant:
Brass has a very high ability to withstand corrosion and can survive in highly corrosive environments. In fact, it is also used in marine applications. This means that as an earthing accessory it can be used in a wide range of equipments and constructions,

Brass is a sturdy metal that is tough to break. This gives brass compositions a sturdiness and long life. This is a necessary requirement in earthing systems which are meant to last for long.

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Choosing the right manufacturer
Finally, it is also important that we choose the right brass earthing accessories manufacturer.

For this you must check for the right experience. The manufacturer must have the expertise and experience in building earthing products. Given the high precision of such accessories, you should also look for manufacturers who specialise in precision components, especially if you need customisation.

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How To Choose The Right Brass Battery Terminal?



Brass Battery Terminal

If you have ever visited a market or browsed Internet to look for brass battery terminals, you would know how daunting it can be. There are extensive varieties and each variety is further sub-divided only making everything more complicated for a decision-maker. I have tried to compile a list of things that play a pivotal role in selecting the right brass terminal. These factors are listed chronologically, so that by the end of the blog, you have a clear idea of what you will choose.

It is important to have price estimation in mind even before you start looking for choices. This does not have to be a definite figure but a ballpark would do just fine. Communicate your budget to brass terminal manufacturers clearly so that they can show you the right options.

You have no clue about the variety that is available in the market and that is why it is important to know the type that would fit your battery. Ask your technical expert about the dimension, design, and application to narrow down the right type for selection.

A very important consideration is the quantity that you have in mind. Brass Terminal Manufacturers will only customize terminals when you order a bulk quantity. If not, you will have to choose from the standard available range that has universal terminals.

Brass Terminal Manufacturers use different grades of brass and plate it with elements like zinc, nickel, etc. to elevate the properties of brass. If there is any definite quality that you are looking for, this is the time to check.

At times, companies need their batteries to be compliant with local or international standards and this requires all the components to pass certain level of quality. If you are one of those, check with your manufacturer beforehand to ensure hassle free assembly.

These parameters will help you select the right battery terminal; however, you also need to be sure of a few more things. Many a times, brass battery terminals are exported from Asian countries. If you are importing terminals, then check the credentials and certifications of your brass terminal manufacturers. Ask for their ISO or DIN certifications as applicable, check for their export license, and if possible look at testimonials from clients in your area.

A few simple checks before deciding on the type of battery terminal and the manufacturer can save you from falling prey to scammers. Be sure to document the communication and follow a proper channel for finalizing the deal. If you have a bulk order, narrow down on a few manufacturers and call for a bid or evaluate them on the basis of the above parameter once again to decide the right one.

We would love to hear your experiences. Let us know what all do you look for before selecting the brass battery terminal. Leave a comment in the section below and let the world learn from your experience.

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How To Choose Right Brass Connectors and Manufacturers!



Over the years, brass has gained popularity in the electrical and plumbing industries. There is no need to explain the properties that make brass a desirable choice and a lot has already been written about this. This article will focus on brass connectors and provide details regarding the popular uses of brass connectors, types of brass connectors, and factors that you should consider while selecting a manufacturer.

Uses of Brass Connectors
In electrical domain, connectors are used in fittings for joining the wires to the terminal. A connector can be made of a variety of metals. But, brass is commonly used because of its premium qualities.

Types of Brass Connectors
Brass Connectors usually have a common use but different components require connectors of different sizes and finish. Here, we will discuss One-Way Brass Connectors and Two-Way Brass Connectors. One-way brass connectors allow fitting to be made through one passage only whereas two-way connectors allow dual-side fittings. Apart from these, brass connectors are also classified on the basis of the finishes, material, and ampere withstanding capabilities. We will discuss these in detail in the next section.

Considerations While Choosing a Brass Connector
Brass connectors are available in different varieties and depending on your use, you can select the one that is a best fit. Let’s look at some features of brass connectors.
↣ These are available in ampere range of 5 to 25.
↣ These are created using different compositions like Free Cutting Brass IS 319 or BS 249, etc.
↣ These are finished and coated using elements like tin, nickel, etc.

Depending on the manufacturer’s operation area and expertise, brass connectors can be customized. If you have a bulk requirement of a certain specification that is not standard, there are many manufacturers who can go out of the way to fulfill that requirement.

Considerations While Choosing a Brass Connector Manufacturer
There are many brass connectors manufacturers across the world and you are faced with a difficult situation of choosing one. Although, it seems like a daunting task but with a few questions, you will be able to quickly eliminate the ones that are not a right fit for you. So, here is the list.
↣ Does the manufacturer cater to your area and meet your Country’s/State’s manufacturing guidelines?
↣ Is your manufacturer certified by International Organization for Standardization (ISO)?
↣ Does the manufacturer have the infrastructure to handle your order?
↣ Does the manufacturer have a good reputation when it comes to delivering quality products on time?
↣ Can the manufacturer customize products if your requirements are not as per the standard available products?

While these are just some questions that will help you narrow down the choices, you will obviously take care of the other crucial aspects like cost, quality, etc. Also, as a responsible dweller of the planet Earth, a thoughtful consideration to the environment-friendliness of the manufacturer is the least that you can do. Even if it costs a little more, make sustainable choices and support those who do.

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