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How To Choose Best Virtual Private Server Operating System?

Virtual Private Server

VPS performs well on a physical machine that is partitioned into several servers, wherein each server is separate from the other. Just like a dedicated server, a user gets its own operating system, dedicated storage, dedicated RAM and CPU resources, but it’s cheaper compared to the dedicated server.

As mentioned above, VPS users share the server that is separated from each other. Your server will not get affected even if you share a server with the bad user. This is due to secure data and each user is allocated with the separate resources. Before getting a Cheap VPS Server you should plan which type of operating system you are willing to opt. Generally, there are two types of platforms: Linux and Windows. Both of them support specific features that will help to get the best OS for your website.

Factors to be considered while selecting the VPS operating system are:-

1) Reliability:- Get stable and reliable operating system for your VPS to get lifetime consistency in performance.
2) Flexibility:- Most of the users opt for an open source OS platform because of easy customization of the server configuration, add-on apps and much more.
3) Security:- There are the different type of risk associated with the server. Most of them are risk-free, whereas some may be liable for threats.  However, security of OS relies upon the skills of IT administration.
4) Price:- Price is the main factor that needs to be considered while choosing the OS for your VPS. Except the price, there are other factors that should be undertaken before finalizing the OS for e.g., its maintenance, upgrades, trouble-shooting etc.

5) Tech support:- After pricing, support is another important factor that is undertaken for OS in virtual server hosting.  The user should select the VPS operating system on the basis of technical support. Thoroughly check the post and after-sales service, experience they hold in the respected field, different modes of reaching them, etc. However, it gets easily managed by IT staff, but on the other hand, some may demand license.
6) Interface:- Get a user-friendly interface to save your time and energy.

Let’s find out below the major features of Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Additionally, it also helps the user to select the right OS for their VPS server as per their business requirement.

Benefits of Linux VPS Servers:-

  • Reliability:- In Linux VPS server, website performance improves due to less consumption of resources. Additionally, users can allocate the resources between the applications as per the requirement with the help of the control panel.
  • Compatibility:- For a good user-friendly website you are required to improve server reliability and uptime and for that, you need to consider the Linux platform. As it offers an extensive range of coding languages like PHP, Python, Perl, MySQL, etc.
  • Cost – effective:- Being an open source program, applications are available for free of cost. No additional cost is required to get a Linux VPS server.

Benefits of Windows VPS hosting:-

  • User – friendly interface :- Windows VPS support an easy to use graphical user interface. However, it is beneficial if you are able to handle the server management and maintenance.
  • Website support :- Windows-based platform supports programs like ASP and ASP.NET. It’s up to you which program you are willing to select while designing the website.
  • Enhance control :- With the help of remote desktop access, you can manage and control the server at the point of time, from any place by yourself.
  • Secured :- It supports high-quality anti-virus software and robust OS security program.

While selecting the operating system not only take into account the features, but also consider the firm goals, budget and resources. After considering such parameters you will get the best for your VPS.

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